Cyanidin-3-glycoside: Safe and Effective Glucose level control


Cyanidin-3-glycoside: Safe and Effective Glucose level control


Many anti-diabetic health compounds which are very effective in decreasing blood sugar levels are not quite ideal among many users not because of efficiency issues but because of certain side effects. Most of these compounds are shown to reduce muscle mass by inhibiting protein synthesis in the early levels of the process. For this reason, a lot of experts have devoted time and effort to discover a compound which can decrease blood sugar levels among Diabetic patients without affecting protein synthesis process and muscle development. After several years of clinical researches, experts found a very unique anthocyanin subset known as Cyanidin-3-glycosides or C3G which controls glucose levels without side effects. Since the discovery is new in the field of health supplement manufacture, it still requires confirmatory studies to ensure safety and efficiency.

What is Cyanidin-3-glycoside?

Also known as C3G, Cyanidin-3-glycoside is among the most popular ingredient in modern health supplement manufacture technology, specifically in dietary supplements for Diabetics. Its mother compound Cyanidin is typically extracted from vegetables with dark pigments. It may also be taken from other types of dark-colored fruits. The compound Cyanidin-3-glycoside is mostly used in health supplement manufacture as it has long bioavailability and effective uptake. Although it can be taken through diet, health supplementation is advisable for higher doses and more potential benefits.

Health effects of Cyanidin-3-glycoside supplements

While most clinical studies on Cyanidin-3-glycoside are focused on its effects on Diabetes Mellitus, many experts say that explorations on other potential health benefits may also be considered as feasible. Some of the claimed health benefits of using Cyanidin-3-glycoside which are currently being studied upon on animal subjects include the following:

  1. It may help prevent cancer

Anthocyanins as a whole are known to help prevent cancer and the development of genetic mutations which can cause its rapid growth. Cyanidin-3-glycoside compound is now currently being studied upon for its potential effects in preventing cancer as it is shown to work in body cells for long-term effects. The compound is also suggested to help eliminate toxic chemicals in body cells which may contribute to cancer development.

  1. It may promote weight loss

Effective blood sugar control through Cyanidin-3-glycoside supplementation is also believed to promote weight loss among individual users. Cyanidin-3-glycoside helps introduce glucose levels into body cells and reduce sugar in the bloodstream. It is may also help enhance metabolism of carbohydrates and effective facilitation inside body cells.

  1. It may improve cardiovascular health

The compound Cyanidin-3-glycoside is also suggested to help improve cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood. Reduced blood glucose levels make the blood less viscous, which reduces effort on the heart during pumping.


Cyanidin-3-glycoside is probably the best compound for Diabetic patients who do not want to experience muscle mass reduction. It must be studied upon, however, to determine the extent of its safety.

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