Cyanotis arachnoides extract: Ecdysterone Source for Enhanced Metabolism

Cyanotis arachnoides extract

Cyanotis arachnoides extract: Ecdysterone Source for Enhanced Metabolism

Men and women seeking to have improved muscle mass are surely quite familiar with the essential body-building compound Ecdysterone but only a limited number of individuals are aware of the other benefits of using health supplements containing the compound and its plant source Cyanotis arachnoides. While some experts say that the inclusion of Ecdysterone(Ecdysone, Ecdysterone HPLC, Dew Grass Extract Ecdysterone,beta-ecdysterone, Ecdysteroids) alone in health supplements is useful for muscle mass development, many others say that Cyanotis arachnoides extract as a whole is more advantageous as it may provide the body with other health benefits not limited to Ecdysterone use. For decades, Cyanotis arachnoides extract has been a prime component of athletic and body-building health supplements. With the discovery of the other potentials of its use in the human body, however, manufacturers of health supplements indicated for adults in general have also included Cyanotis arachnoides extract in their formulations.

What is Cyanotis arachnoides extract?

Cyanotis arachnoides extract is not something which is uncommon among health supplement manufacturers. It is well known for its high Ecdysterone content, although it is found in recent phytochemical studies to contain other essential nutrients as well. Studies show that the active components of Cyanotis arachnoides extract, aside from Ecdysterone, may have contributory effects in enhancing metabolism. This means that it may promote weight loss both indirectly and directly. Obese and overweight individuals as well as adults who are at risk for developing lifestyle-related disorders are advised to take Cyanotis arachnoides extract supplements as it effectively promotes the fat burning process without exposing the body to possible risks. It must be taken, however, within recommended doses only.

What are the benefits of using Cyanotis arachnoides extract?

Having been declared as useful for adults in general, experts have initiated researches to find out about the health claims associated with Cyanotis arachnoides extract use. It has been found to provide the following health benefits:

  1. It may enhance RBC development

Red blood cells primarily work in the body by carrying oxygen into the different parts of the body. Reduced RBC often results to poor oxygenation which can lead to serious health conditions. Many studies show that Cyanotis arachnoides extract may have effects in promoting RBC production.

  1. It may help regulate blood sugar levels

Some studies conducted on Cyanotis arachnoides extract show that it may have functions in regulating blood sugar levels. This is quite beneficial in the prevention of Diabetes Mellitus and other health conditions.

  1. It may improve liver function

There are no established explanations yet as to how Cyanotis arachnoides extract improves liver health but the finding has already been confirmed in quantitative researches. Cyanotis arachnoides extract does not cure hepatitis and cirrhosis, however.


Aside from bodybuilders and athletes, Cyanotis arachnoides extract is also quite useful among obese and overweight individuals. It must be taken with caution among pregnant and lactating women.

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