D-Mannose: The Active UTI-fighting agent of Cranberries


D-Mannose: The Active UTI-fighting agent of Cranberries

Cranberries are very useful in the prevention of infections, especially those affecting the urinary tract, as it contains its popular active component D-Mannose. For decades, experts have conducted several independent studies on the sugar compound D-Mannose and its effects on the human body. Aside from being a highly potential infection control agent, experts have also discovered that D-Mannose is effective in improving cellular communication, thereby improving wellness in several mechanisms. In terms of risks, experts have established that unlike other sugar compounds, D-Mannose is metabolized in very few quantities and does not cause any alterations in sugar metabolism. D-Mannose can therefore be taken through food supplement formulations without risk for elevated blood sugar and problems with Diabetes Mellitus. It must, however, still be taken with caution among patients with metabolism disorders and other serious medical conditions.

What is D-Mannose?

The compound D-Mannose is one of the most popular beneficial sugar compounds which are now being used in the formulation of various health supplement products. It is mainly isolated from cranberries, although it may also be found in other fruit sources such as pineapples and pears. The medicinal properties of fruit sources containing D-Mannose are said to be highly associated with the glyconutrient compound but experts are still conducting researches on how D-Mannose exactly works in the body. D-Mannose is believed under medical studies to be effective in control of bacterial growth. It is also believed to reduce fungus formation in the different parts of the body, thereby working as an antifungal agent. Experts say that D-Mannose works by enhancing functions of the immune system through cytokines production enhancement. In one study, it was also concluded that D-Mannose supplementation may be useful in the prevention of disorders brought about by various factors including lifestyle. D-Mannose is advisable for modern health supplement users but it must be taken only within recommended doses.

What are the benefits of using D-Mannose?

Specific benefits of using D-Mannose supplements include the following:

  • It improves overall bladder health

The urinary bladder is an important organ which serves to hold urine before it is excreted. Studies show that aside from preventing urinary tract infections, D-Mannose supplementation may also be useful in improving overall bladder health.

  • It may prevent various digestive tract problems

Cancers of different digestive organs and irritable bowel syndrome may also be prevented with D-Mannose supplementation, according to recent researches. This has been concluded after it was found that lack of mannose glycans increases risk for these disorders.

  • It may also work as an antiviral agent

Aside from controlling fungal and bacterial growth, studies also show that D-Mannose supplementation may control viral growth. This is a very interesting finding as it may help fight of serious viral disorders.


There are many facts which are yet to be established on D-Mannose but the compound is generally recommended for use by experts. It is safe and effective for better health.

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