D-Ribose: The Life-Saving naturally-occurring Sugar


Substantial evidences have been gathered over the years showing possibility of treating muscle fatigue brought about by straining through supplementation of the naturally-occuring sugar known as Ribose. Although the compound D-Ribose is generally indicated for athletic supplement formulations, there are several suggestions from health experts all over the world that the compound may also be helpful in helping cardiac patients in finding relief. Many important studies are currently being conducted to find more of the potential health benefits of including D-Ribose in health supplement formulations. Since the compound is a natural chemical occurring in the human body, experts say that there is limited to no risks of using D-Ribose-containing dietary supplements.

What is D-Ribose?

D-Ribose is a low-cost nutrient sugar used in the field of medicine for various purposes. It is generally necessary for maintenance of various bodily processes as it is among the backbone compounds for the production of Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP in the body. ATP in the simplest terms is the energy produced by the body to power-up processes. Aside from forming part of the ATP, Ribose also plays vital roles in the repair and maintenance of muscular health, including the cardiovascular muscles. This finding has led to the conclusion that D-Ribose supplementation may be the key factor in prolonging life among patients with cardiovascular diseases as it provides additional energy source for the heart.

Health Benefits of using D-Ribose Health Supplements

Although the compound is not generally used as a major component in health supplement formulations, its inclusion is very beneficial especially among athletes, bodybuilders and cardiovascular patients. The following are some benefits of using D-Ribose health supplements:

  • It prolongs endurance

Keeping up adequate ATP levels throughout the period of exercise is the most effective solution to preventing fatigue. Several studies have already shown that the increase in Ribose reserves through D-Ribose supplementation can prolong endurance, improve athletic performance and even improve muscular development among individual users. The compound also helps prevent over straining of muscles to avoid lactic acid production and development of straining symptoms.

  • It may support cardiac rejuvenation

The death of a given part of the heart brought about by prolonged lack of oxygen causes a lot of unlikely symptoms among survivors. In one study, experts made a conclusion that D-Ribose supplementation may help support cardiac rejuvenation by effectively including oxygen supply in the heart through certain patterns not yet established in health studies. This health benefit can help save lives of patients and even prolong living.

  • It improves skeletal health

Increasing ATP levels, according to some studies, may also be a good way to improve skeletal health. The skeletal system often requires high amounts of energy with every movement, especially during exercise. By increasing ATP levels through D-Ribose supplementation, overstretching and straining of the skeletal system can be prevented, leading to improved skeletal health.


D-Ribose is a significant health compound. Supplementing D-Ribose is an ideal practice to protect the heart, the bones and the muscular system.

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