Dandelion Extract: Modern Weed-Like Superfood!

Dandelion Extract

Dandelion Extract: Modern Weed-Like Superfood!

Although believed to be an ordinary weed which grows anywhere and everywhere, Dandelion is in fact an herb with so many health benefits. Dandelion is a unique herb whose ground parts and roots are all used for medicine production. History also reveals that Dandelion has been eaten in various regions across the world. Today, with the many known vitamins and minerals contained in Dandelion extract, it has been considered as one of the weed-like super foods of the modern generation.

What is Dandelion extract?

Dandelions are flowering plants which easily spread and disseminate from one place to another due to its ability to reproduce asexually. While the plant grows in varying forms depending on the species, all dandelion or species under Taraxacum genus are known to have potential health effects. Laboratory studies show that Dandelion extract contains several trace minerals including magnesium, zinc and phosphorus along with iron, protein and organic sodium. Some clinical tests also show that the extract contains high amounts of Vitamin B complex which is very useful in the treatment and prevention of various health conditions.

What are the benefits of using Dandelion extract?

When consumed in its original form, experts suggest that individual users purchase only dandelions which are free from insecticides since toxic chemicals in pest-control products may reduce efficiency of dandelions. To be safe, however, taking Dandelion extract-containing supplements is the best option. The following are some of the benefits of using Dandelion extract:

  • It works as a diuretic

Kidney diseases can lead to ineffective urination and water retention which can be very dangerous to patients. A lot of studies show that Dandelion extract has diuretic effects which help eliminate fluids retained in the body brought about by kidney failure. It is also believed that the diuretic effect of the extract can contribute to its ability to help protect the nephrons or kidney cells from further deterioration brought about by toxic waste accumulation.

  • It may reduce blood pressure

Increased blood pressure is unsafe as it increases a person’s risk to stroke, embolism and cardiac arrest. Patients with long-term hypertension, as concluded in a certain study, may benefit from using Dandelion extract since blood pressure reduction is a direct effect of the ability of the drug to eliminate excessive water in the body.

  • It boosts immune system function

Even in the historic times, Dandelion has been used in the treatment of various infections. Today, experts have found that Dandelion has an effect in Boosting Immune System function as it provides the body with a constant supply of necessary vitamins and minerals.

  • It may lower cholesterol levels

Hypercholesterolemia or the condition associated with increased cholesterol levels in the blood can lead to the development of several cardiovascular conditions. This, however, can be prevented with Dandelion extract use. Several studies have led to the conclusion that Dandelion extract has the ability to lower cholesterol levels after conducting clinical tests on animal subjects.


When combined with other super foods, Dandelion extract can help maintain body homeostasis and promote healthy function of different organ systems. Aside from eating dandelion, taking dandelion supplements is highly advisable.

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