Is Deazaflavin Considered As The Best NMN Alternative?


Is Deazaflavin Considered As The Best NMN Alternative?

What Is Deazaflavin? 

Deazaflavin is a modified form of riboflavin, a water-soluble vitamin essential for various metabolic processes. Deazaflavin is formed by removing the nitrogen atom from the isoalloxazine ring of riboflavin, resulting in a deazaflavin molecule lacking the ring’s nitrogen atom.

Deazaflavin is also known as riboflavin-5′-phosphate because it is the active form of riboflavin involved in various enzymatic reactions. It acts as a cofactor in synthesizing flavoproteins, which are enzymes that catalyze redox reactions. Flavoproteins play a critical role in cellular metabolism, including the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, and lipids.

The biosynthesis of nucleotides, which serve as the building blocks for DNA and RNA, also involves dazaflavin. Deoxyribonucleotides, which are required for DNA synthesis, must be converted from ribonucleotides. Deazaflavin is also involved in the regulation of gene expression and the maintenance of normal cellular function.

The CAS number for deazaflavin is 146-17-8, a unique chemical substance identifier. The molecular weight of deazaflavin is 483.39 g/mol, the total weight in atomic mass of the atoms in the molecule. Its molecular formula is C17H20N4O9P, representing the molecule’s types and number of particles.

What Is The Source Of Deazaflavin Powder?

Deazaflavin powder can be synthesized chemically in the laboratory or obtained from natural sources. In nature, deazaflavin is a component of various microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and algae. It can also be found in some plants, such as spinach and beetroot.

One of the most common sources of deazaflavin powder is the bacterium E. coli, which is widely used for its ability to produce high levels of deazaflavin. Other microorganisms that can produce deazaflavin include Pseudomonas putida, Rhodobacter sphaeroides, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Deazaflavin can be extracted from these sources using various methods, including fermentation, extraction, and purification. The resulting deazaflavin powder is typically a yellow-orange color and has a bitter taste. It is mainly used as a research tool and as a component of laboratory media for the growth and study of microorganisms.

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Deazaflavin Powder?

Deazaflavin powder can be manufactured through a chemical synthesis process or by fermentation using microorganisms that can produce deazaflavin.

Chemical Synthesis: The chemical synthesis of deazaflavin involves several steps starting from riboflavin or its derivatives. The nitrogen atom in the isoalloxazine ring of riboflavin is removed through a chemical reaction, resulting in the formation of deazaflavin. The product is then purified and dried to obtain deazaflavin powder.

Fermentation: Fermentation is a natural process that can produce deazaflavin powder. This process involves using microorganisms capable of producing deazaflavin as a by-product of their metabolism. The organisms are grown in a culture medium containing nutrients and precursors required for deazaflavin production. The culture is then harvested, and the deazaflavin is extracted and purified to obtain deazaflavin powder.

The manufacturing process of deazaflavin powder can vary depending on the source and purpose of the product. The initial material’s purity, the fermentation environment, and the purification procedure are only a few of the variables that affect the final product’s quality.

Is Deazaflavin A Alternative Of NMN?

The formula of Deazaflavin at the beginning of the world is equivalent to NMN150000. SIRTUP Deazoflavin 30 mg is equivalent to a medicinal NMN drip of 1200 mg. Studies have shown that Deazaflavin is 100 times more effective than NMN, and the price is better, killing all NMN in the market. Deazaflavin, developed by the Japan Medical Association and the Nobel Prize-winning team, has been reported in human clinical trials that the main effects of this ingredient include:

  • DNA repair
  • anti-aging, freezing age
  • Anti-Aging Cancer Prevention
  • Disease Prevention Prevention Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
  • Improve cognition, lower blood fat, stabilize blood pressure
  • Improve cardiovascular function and wake up cell vitality
  • Improve immunity and regulate cell vitality
  • Improve allergic constitution, regulate the female mechanism

Above all, it is not sure that Deazaflavin is the best NMN alternative. It still needs more research and studies to prove it.

What Are The Healthy Benefits Of Deazaflavin?

Deazaflavin is a derivative of riboflavin (vitamin B2) that plays a role in various enzymatic reactions in the body. While there is limited research on the specific health benefits of deazaflavin, some studies suggest that it may have certain potential health benefits.

The following are some possible health advantages of deazaflavin:

  • It supports energy metabolism.

Deazaflavin synthesizes flavoproteins, enzymes that play a crucial role in energy metabolism. Flavoproteins are involved in various metabolic pathways that generate ATP, the body’s primary energy currency.

  • It may have antioxidant properties.

Deazaflavin is involved in synthesizing glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from oxidative damage. By supporting glutathione synthesis, deazaflavin may have antioxidant properties that help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

  • It may have neuroprotective properties.

Some studies suggest that deazaflavin may have neuroprotective properties that help prevent or reduce damage to nerve cells. For example, one study found that deazaflavin helped protect against oxidative stress-induced injury in brain cells.

  • It may support immune function.

Deazaflavin plays a role in synthesizing nucleotides, essential components of DNA and RNA. By supporting nucleotide synthesis, deazaflavin may help support immune function, cell growth, and repair.

What Industries Can Apply Bulk Deazaflavin Powder?

Deazaflavin powder can be applied in various industries that require enzymes or coenzymes for their production processes. Here are some industries that can apply bulk deazaflavin powder:

  1. Food Industry: Deazaflavin can be used as a natural food colorant and a component of food flavorings. It is also used to produce food additives, such as riboflavin-5′-phosphate, which is used to fortify foods with vitamin B2.
  2. Pharmaceutical Industry: Deazaflavin produces flavoproteins, crucial enzymes in various metabolic pathways. Flavoproteins produce pharmaceuticals, such as antibiotics, antitumor agents, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  3. Cosmetics Industry: Deazaflavin can be used in cosmetics and personal care products as a natural colorant and a component of skin care products. It is also used to produce hair dyes and other hair care products.
  4. Biotechnology Industry: Deazaflavin is used as a component of laboratory media for the growth and study of microorganisms. Additionally, it is used in the production of biologics and recombinant proteins.
  5. Agriculture Industry: Deazaflavin produces animal feed additives, such as riboflavin-5′-phosphate, which is used to fortify animal feed with vitamin B2. In addition, it is utilized to create soil enhancements and fertilizers.

Overall, deazaflavin powder has a wide range of potential applications in various industries that require enzymes or coenzymes for their production processes.

Is Deazaflavin FDA-Approval?

Currently, Deazaflavin is mainly used as a research tool and as a component of laboratory media for the growth and study of microorganisms. It is also used to produce flavoproteins and enzymes in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

The FDA has not approved Deazaflavin as a drug or dietary supplement at this time. It is not included in the scope of GRAS either. However, 5-Deazaflavin can be queried in the FDA’s Global Substance Registration System. GSRS was created in collaboration with the FDA’s health informatics team, the NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). It is intended to improve the safety and usability of regulated products. Therefore, we can trust Deazaflavin’s safety.

Of course, more research and experiments are needed to support Deazaflavin’s further application of value and safety.


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