Devil’s claw extract: An Effective Relief for Migraine Headaches

Devil’s claw extract

Devil’s claw extract: An Effective Relief for Migraine Headaches

Among the most extensive remedies used in folk medicine is the currently fast-rising health supplement ingredient Devil’s claw extract. While the supplement ingredient’s name may not sound as ideal for health and wellness purposes, scientific researchers show that the Devil’s claw extract is packed with various essential vitamins and compounds which help improve overall health and prevent disease occurrences. It was also shown in a recently concluded study that Devil’s claw extract may help prevent arteriosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries brought about by accumulation of fats in the arterial walls and other causative factors. Experts are now conducting both quantitative and qualitative researches to fully understand how Devil’s claw extract works in the human body, as well as to determine potential risk factors of its use.

What is Devil’s claw extract?

The plant source of the health supplement ingredient Devil’s claw extract is a native of the African region. Its name was taken from the appearance of its fruit which is covered with hooks. The use of Devil’s claw extract in the field of alternative medicine began thousands of years ago but most of the claims associated with its use are only confirmed in the modern era. One of the most recognized benefits of Devil’s claw extract is its effect in preventing inflammation and reducing pain associated with swelling. The anti-inflammatory effects of Devil’s claw extract appear to be manifest in cases of trauma-associated inflammations. It is also believed to help prevent inflammations caused by other factors. Devil’s claw extract may also be used as an analgesic for inflammation-related pains.

Health benefits of using Devil’s claw extract

Devil’s claw extract supplementation is fast-rising in terms of popularity in the field of alternative medicine as it is shown to improve not only healing process but also vital bodily processes such as cardiovascular process. Some other benefits of using Devil’s claw extract include the following:

  1. It may ease out migraine

The exact cause of migraine is still unknown but various herbs like Devil’s claw extract are shown to help treat the condition. Patients who are often experiencing the symptom may take Devil’s claw extract supplements for long periods of time for effective relief.

  1. It may be used for digestive problems

Specific compounds in Devil’s claw extract which are categorized as bioflavonoids and phytosterols are believed to be useful in treating digestive problems. These antioxidant compounds have antispasmodic effects which can help ease out digestive problems.

  1. It may help control arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common inflammatory conditions affecting the skeletal system. It may be treated with long-term Devil’s claw extract supplementation, according to individual researches.


There are many reasons why experts promote the use of Devil’s claw extract in health supplement formulations. Due to lack of human subject studies, however, the benefits associated with the use of Devil’s claw extract are not yet recognized by the FDA.

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