Diabetes Mellitus Cure: Solomon’s seal rhizome extract

Solomon’s seal rhizome extract

Diabetes Mellitus Cure: Solomon’s seal rhizome extract

Native American healers during the ancient times used Solomon’s seal rhizome in the development of medications for treatment of diseases including swelling and skin ulcerations. Historical studies also reveal that the rhizome has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for various health purposes. While most individuals take Solomon’s seal rhizome in tea forms, many manufacturers of health supplement products have developed formulations for Solomon’s seal rhizome extract dietary supplements following findings that the active compounds found in the herb may be very useful in preventing and controlling blood sugar levels. Not only is Solomon’s seal rhizome extract becoming popular as a potential treatment for Diabetes Mellitus but it is also rising in the medical field as a possible solution for inflammations especially in the internal body organs.

What is Solomon’s seal rhizome extract?

Solomon’s seal rhizome extract is taken from the roots of the popular herbal treatment Solomon’s seal. The herb is long believed to be a neutralizer both of the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract. It has a sweet taste and is usually subjected to extraction procedures to develop medications. Although the extract is claimed to provide a lot of health benefits, only a few claims are recognized in the health supplement manufacture field as most studies are only quantitative researches conducted on animal subjects. Researches are also being conducted to fully establish safety of using Solomon’s seal rhizome extract among individuals of all ages.

Health benefits of using Solomon’s seal rhizome extract

Many experts find Solomon’s seal rhizome extract very interesting for many reasons. With the rise in number of individuals at risk for developing Diabetes Mellitus, the discovery of Solomon’s seal rhizome extract in reducing blood sugar levels is recognized as a great leap for humanity. Aside from blood sugar control, Solomon’s seal rhizome extract is also believed to provide the following health benefits:

  1. It works against edema

Edema or the retention of fluid in the interstitial spaces of cells and tissues can develop into a serious situation when it causes rise in blood pressure. Studies show that Solomon’s seal rhizome extract supplementation can be very useful in preventing edema formations brought about by various predisposing factors.

  1. It may help treat hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are characterized as inflammation of the rectal blood vessels. Although the condition is not necessarily serious except in certain condition, it may affect a person’s performance of activities of daily living. The association between Solomon’s seal rhizome extract and hemorrhoids is not fully known but quantitative studies show that individuals taking Solomon’s seal rhizome extract find gradual relief from hemorrhoids.

  1. It helps clear the lungs

Solomon’s seal rhizome extract is also said to work as an expectorant, thereby clearing the lungs and improving respiration.


Pharmacodynamic studies are currently being conducted to show how Solomon’s seal rhizome extract exactly works. It is generally safe and effective, according to many experts.

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