Dimagnesium Phosphate: An Essential Phosphate Salt

Dimagnesium Phosphate

Dimagnesium Phosphate: An Essential Phosphate Salt

The field of sports nutrition recognize salts of magnesium and phosphate as among the highly-acclaimed ingredients for optimal musculoskeletal health. As a necessary compound in the occurrence of more than a hundred processes in the human body, magnesium supplementation is indeed necessary for better health. Magnesium can be found in various food sources including cashews and almonds, leafy green vegetables and whole grains. In a recent statistical survey, however, it was observed by experts that the amount of magnesium in food sources has declined in the past few decades due to the use of pesticides and insecticides in propagation. Individuals, both young and old, men and women, are advised to take health supplements with Dimagnesium Phosphate for optimum wellness.

What is Dimagnesium Phosphate?

The compound Dimagnesium Phosphate appears to be a white crystalline powder which is used primarily in enhancing taste of food products. It is also used as a food preservative and as a buffering agent in carbonated drinks. Many manufacturers of health supplement products now include Dimagnesium Phosphate in their formulations for purposes of increasing magnesium levels and enhancing health. For many years, magnesium has been proven to be among the most workable minerals in the human body, abundant in body cells and major body organs. The use of Dimagnesium Phosphate is also considered safe and effective as there are no serious side effects associated with taking the compound, except in cases of overdose.

Health benefits of Dimagnesium Phosphate

By increasing bodily supply for the mineral magnesium, Dimagnesium Phosphate supplementation is said to provide a wide range of health benefits. Some of the recognized uses of Dimagnesium Phosphate in the field of medicine include the following:

  • It may improve cardiac contractility

Magnesium is a very important mineral for muscle contraction. It helps improve the process of contraction and relaxation among skeletal muscles and also among smooth muscles. Studies also show that the compound is essential for optimal cardiac contractility as the heart also made of cardiac muscles. Dimagnesium Phosphate supplementation improves cardiac contractility, thereby promoting cardiac output and better blood circulation into the distal portions of the body.

  • It improves metabolism

Dimagnesium Phosphate is also believed to improve overall process of metabolism and food breakdown. The compound magnesium plays a vital role in the metabolism of glucose and insulin. Low levels of magnesium, according to experts, can increase a person’s risk for obesity and Diabetes Mellitus.

  • It helps treat anxiety

Recent studies also show that Dimagnesium Phosphate can be helpful in treating anxiety and other psychological conditions. The mode of action to this effect, however, is not yet fully known.


As a safe and effective compound, Dimagnesium Phosphate is used in many health supplement formulations indicated for individuals of all ages. For individuals with serious medical conditions, however, physician’s prescription is advised.

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