Diosgenin: A Natural Option for Hormonal Replacement Treatment


As a rich source of the essential compound Diosgenin, wild yam has become very popular in the field of health supplement formulation. While some manufacturers of health supplements include wild yam extract in supplements, most of the developers of health supplement formulas include isolated Diosgenin itself in relatively higher doses to promote health and wellness. Diosgenin is primarily beneficial in developing estrogen and DHEA. Thus, many health practitioners recommend the use of health supplements containing Diosgenin in the treatment of estrogen-associated conditions. Women in the elderly age who are suffering several hormonal imbalances and who are in need of hormonal replacement therapy are also advised to take Diosgenin as it helps regulate estrogen balance. As a natural estrogen and DHEA source, Diosgenin is highly recommended and generally safe for use by women.

What is Diosgenin?

Diosgenin is a compound which is mostly derived from wild yam. It is also observed to be present in high amounts in Fenugreek and other plant sources. Diosgenin, when extracted from its plant source, can be subjected to laboratory procedures to develop estrogen and DHEA-like equivalents. These converted compounds have similar effects as that of the naturally-occurring female hormones and are not associated with side effects. Supply the body with relative amounts of estrogen through Diosgenin supplementation is very useful in preventing development of many diseases associated with hormonal imbalances such as premenstrual symptoms. It is believed that Diosgenin, with further studies, can be developed into a natural hormonal replacement treatment which is safe and effective.

Health uses of Diosgenin supplements

Although the compound is primarily useful for women, experts say that men should also take Diosgenin health supplements as it provides other benefits effective for both sexes. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • It may help prevent cancer

In 2013, a study was conducted to determine the effects of Diosgenin on growing tumors in mice subjects. After careful observation, it was found that Diosgenin effectively inhibits growth of cells through certain patterns. Although the study is conducted only on animal subjects, experts believe that it may apply to human users.

  • It may increase energy levels

The plant sources of Diosgenin are generally useful in increasing energy levels. It is believed that Diosgenin may play a vital role in enhancing cellular energy to prevent exhaustion and fatigue among individual users.

  • It may improve bone health

Many individuals believe that Diosgenin improves bone health in women alone but it was confirmed in a study that the health effect may work among men as well. Diosgenin prevents demineralization of bones which often results to weak bones.


Contrary to common knowledge, Diosgenin is important for both men and women. It is generally safe for use when taken within recommended doses.

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