Diosmin:The Fortifier of the Peripheral Veins And Prevent Cell Death


Diosmin:The Fortifier of the Peripheral Veins And Prevent Cell Death

Rare flavonoid compounds like Diosmin have always been interesting to experts as they show to provide an entire set of benefits every time a research is conducted involving them. In the recent years, Diosmin has been subjected to further tests to establish its efficiency in treating hemorrhoids and other venous insufficiency conditions like deep vein thrombosis or DVT and varicose veins. The compound remains to be a prescription medication in most European countries due to the limited quality researches on its safety but across the United States and other regions of the world, Diosmin is accepted as a main component of various health supplements.

What is Diosmin?

Diosmin was first isolated from a known flavonoid, Hesperidin, in the year 1925. Since its parent compound Hesperidin is used for chronic venous insufficiency conditions, several studies involving Diosmin were conducted to establish the same therapeutic effects. In the year 2009, experts have concluded that Diosmin is the only oral treatment available for chronic conditions involving peripheral veins.

What are the benefits of using Diosmin?

Aside from being a treatment option in lieu of surgery in cases of hemorrhoids and chronic venous insufficiency, Diosmin is known to promote overall body wellness in various ways. The mechanism of action of Diosmin is not fully understood by science but several statistical studies have already established its efficiency and safety among individual users. Here are some of the known benefits of using Diosmin:

  1. It helps improve peripheral circulation

Circulation in the distal portions of the body such as the upper and lower extremities is most often compromised due body positions, gravitational pull and other predisposing factors. This results to various symptoms such as tingling sensation and numbness in the arms and legs. Studies have shown that Diosmin supplementation can help improve circulation towards the arms and legs and prevent manifestations of venous insufficiency conditions.

  1. It Can Treat off Bleeding Conditions

Bleeding problems like hemorrhoids and eye or gum hemorrhage is also shown to be treated effectively with Diosmin supplementation. Certain studies show that the compound has an effect in reducing inflammation and constricting blood vessels in order to reduce blood flow towards bleeding sites.

  1. It Reduces Swelling Following Breast Cancer Surgery

Another important claim involving Diosmin is the possibility that it may reduce swelling in the arms of patients who are in the post-operative stage following breast cancer surgery. This function, however, is made possible when the compound is combined with its parent drug Hesperidin.

  1. It may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease treatment and prevention

The anti-inflammatory effects of Diosmin is also said to contribute to its ability to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease among patients in the early stages of the disease process. Some studies also say that Diosmin compound has anti-apoptic effects of the ability to prevent the programmed cell death. This results to the effect of the compound in preventing nerve cell damage.


Dietary supplements containing Diosmin. Diosmin is generally safe for human consumption and is recommended to be included in dietary supplement production.

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