DL-Halostachine: Closer to Ephedrine Replacement


Since the establishment of potential risks of using ephedrine, experts have begun studies to explore into the other compounds related to the drug for purposes of developing health supplements with similar health effects. Among the compounds which are results of such given studies is the effective mind and muscle boosting alkaloid known as DL-Halostachine. Not so much is known about DL-Halostachine as it is not as easy to study as other compounds. Since its discovery, experts have been confused in the establishment of its molecular structure due to certain difficulties in studies. Today, however, a lot of studies are being conducted on DL-Halostachine as it can now be derived easily from plant sources.

What is DL-Halostachine?

The compound DL-Halostachine is naturally-occurring in various plant sources but was first isolated in a certain Asian shrub. It is closely related to ephedrine and is believed to provide health effects similar to the drug without causing the same side effects. The exact pharmacodynamic patterns of DL-Halostachine are not yet fully understood due to lack of human subject studies. In various researches conducted on animal subjects to determine quantitative effects, it was discovered that the compound may yield potential health benefits which, although not as powerful as ephedrine, are almost similar.

Health benefits of using DL-Halostachine

Due to its similarities with Ephedrine molecular structure, most studies to establish the health benefits of DL-Halostachine are focused on Ephedrine health effects. Some of the known benefits of using DL-Halostachine according to clinical researches are the following:

  • It may burn fats

The sympathomimetic effects of DL-Halostachine, according to experts, may have potential effects in promoting fat burn process and stimulating weight loss among individual users. The extent of the efficiency of the drug for purposes of promoting fat loss is not, however, established yet among obese and overweight individuals as no researches have explored on the issue. Most studies on DL-Halostachine weight loss effects are also conducted on mice and other animal subjects.

  • It may increase energy levels

Immediately following effective fat burn, energy levels are shown to increase among subjects who received DL-Halostachine supplementation as compared to subjects who received placebo drugs. Increase in energy levels is believed to be associated with the direct effect of DL-Halostachine in releasing glucose and bringing them into the body cells.

  • It may prevent occurrence of metabolic conditions

Diabetes Mellitus and Myocardial Infarction are among the diseases commonly occurring due to increase fat content and cholesterol in the blood. Studies show that the weight loss effect of DL-Halostachine directly prevents occurrence of metabolic conditions and thus prolong life and longevity.


A lot of researchers say that DL-Halostachine may be the most effective replacement for the recently-banned compound Ephedrine. This claim, however, still requires confirmation to date.

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