Dodder extract: A Discovered Male Sexual Enhancer from A Stem Parasite Plant

Dodder extract

Dodder extract: A Discovered Male Sexual Enhancer from A Stem Parasite Plant

Being known merely as a stem parasite, little did individuals know that the leafless plant Dodder has many health benefits. It was found, however, that Dodder extract is highly beneficial when it comes to promoting fertility among both men and women. It is also a very potential male enhancement agent which is effective in both young and old men. Some qualitative studies on animal subjects have already confirmed claims on the aphrodisiac and infertility-treating abilities of Dodder extract. There are also quantitative studies conducted on human subjects which further establish the claim. With the discovery of the many other compounds found in Dodder extract, scientific studies have already been initiated to determine other health benefits associated with the use of the extract. Dodder extract is also included in health supplement formulations for male sexual health.

What is Dodder extract?

Dodder is a traditional Chinese herb becoming popular in the modern scientific field because of its amazing effects in promoting vital body functions. Also known as Cuscuta, Dodder is considered a parasite plant as it only attaches itself to the vascular system of its host plant. Not having leaves, the medicine from Dodder is extracted from its seeds. Dodder seeds are known to contain high amounts of compounds for better health which include flavones, coumarin and biological alkaloids. These compounds, when taken together, are shown to enhance overall vitality, especially among male users. It is also believed to help treat urinary tract infections and other diseases affecting the kidneys and the urinary system as a whole. Dodder extract is ideal for use as a health supplement ingredient but it must be taken within recommended doses to avoid serious side effects among individual users.

Health benefits of using Dodder extract

Individuals of both sexes may benefit with Dodder extract supplementation as it provides general health benefits. These include the following:

  1. It may prevent cancer cell growth

Cancer risk patients and those who are already at the initial stages of cancer disease process may find benefit with Dodder extract supplementation as it is found to contain antioxidants which prevent cancer progression. It must, however, be taken with physician’s advice.

  1. It has anti-diabetic effects

Studies show that Dodder extract may also be effective in controlling blood sugar levels among diabetic patients. This can be advantageous as it has insulin-like effects, although the pattern as to how it exactly works is not yet fully understood.

  1. It reduces eye opacity

Cataract is a health condition affecting older individuals which is characterized by increased opacity of the lenses of the eyes. Studies show that some compounds in Dodder extract are also useful in reducing eye opacity.


Dodder extract may also improve overall immunity and prevent infections. It has many other health uses which are yet to be proven by modern science. It must be taken within regulated doses to prevent adverse effects.

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