Does L-BAIBA Work for Obesity-Related Disorder?

does L-BAIBA work for obesity related disorder

Does L-BAIBA Work for Obesity-Related Disorder?

What is L-BAIBA?

The compound L-BAIBA is a fast-rising ingredient found to be quite beneficial in obesity-related metabolic disorders. Typically, the compound BAIBA is produced by skeletal muscle during physical activity. Among the myokines or “exercise factors” play vital roles in regulating glucose uptake, increasing free fatty acid oxidation, and reducing fat mass. The product is a non-protein amino acid by-product of the amino acids valine and thymine breakdown.

The compound is also known as β-aminoisobutyric acid, Beta-Aminoisobutyric Acid, L-Babia extract, S-BAIBA,3-Aminoisobutyric acid, 3-amino-2-Methylpropanoate, 3-Amino-2-Methylpropanoic acid, 3-Amino-Isobutanoate, and MitoBurn L-BAIBA. It has the CAS number 144-90-1 and the molecular formula of C4H9NO2. The molecular weight of the product is 103.12 g/mol.


The product has a whitish powder appearance.


D-BAIBA is an enantiomer of BAIBA which is the mirror image of L-BAIBA. It is said to be the most prevalent enantiomer in the urine. 

There are certain differences between D-BAIBA and L-BAIBA. First, D-BAIBA is also referred to as R-BAIBA, whereas L-BAIBA is otherwise referred to as S-BAIBA. Also, while D-BAIBA is prevalent in the urine, L-BAIBA is prevalent in the blood plasma. Finally, d-BAIBA also comes from thymine, while L-BAIBA comes from valine.

In terms of benefits, many experts say that L-BAIBA is superior to D-BAIBA as it provides more positive health effects. This is because it is L-BAIBA which usually increases during workouts and is considered an “exercise-induced muscle factor”.

L-BAIBA for muscle

L-BAIBA Sources

L-BAIBA is naturally produced in the body from the amino acid valine. Natural sources of valine include meats, fish, soy, and dairy. It may also be found in nuts, vegetables, and whole grains.

L-BAIBA may, however, be produced synthetically under laboratory procedures.

L-BAIBA Forms and Specifications

The most common form of L-BAIBA which is made available in the market is L-BAIBA 99% powder based on HPLC. You may buy this product from the legitimate bulk supplier Nutriavenue.

Upon request, Nutriavenue offers shipping services through the air or the sea, or couriers like UPS and FedEx. We also pack bulk L-BAIBA orders in 25-kilogram paper drums or 1-kilogram bags for retail purchases. Customers may also send us a request if they wish to use different packaging materials.

Safety of Synthetic L-BAIBA

According to safety data research, it was concluded that synthetic L-BAIBA is safe for use among humans as the product’s lethal dose for 50% of animals was well over 2,000mg/kg of body weight.

What are Brown Fat and White Fat?

Brown fat is a special body fat type also referred to as adipose tissue. When the body feels cold, brown fat is activated. White fat, or white adipose tissue, is the fat type in the body that stores large fat droplets throughout the body. 

Brown and white fat are involved in the body’s metabolism and energy-storing processes. While they are both essential, excessive white fat is considered unsafe and a risk factor for obesity. At the same time, brown fat breaks down glucose and fat to produce heat, and white fat stores fats as energy reserves. 

According to research, L-BAIBA induces the browning of white fat. This means that it encourages the burning of unwanted white fat while making more brown fat that gives strength and endurance.

How does L-BAIBA Work?

L-BAIBA is produced during workout performances. It is claimed to reduce fat mass and enhance glucose uptake by influencing liver fat burning and cholesterol regulation through PPAR alpha activation. 

Research also shows that the compound protects osteocytes from ROS-induced apoptosis. This mechanism effectively reduces both bone and muscle loss.

L-BAIBA Manufacturing Process

By sending us an email or calling our numbers, you may know more about the raw materials used and the manufacturing process for L-BAIBA.

L-BAIBA Benefits 

L-BAIBA produces health benefits which include the following:

  • It helps with weight loss.

L-BAIBA promotes weight loss by burning unwanted white fat which is stored in the different regions of the body. 

L-BAIBA for weight loss
  • It May help reduce body fat and improve body composition.

By helping in the elimination of white fats, the product may reduce body fat composition and improve the overall appearance of the body. 

  • It enhances cellular insulin sensitivity.

Studies show that L-BAIBA may also support healthy carbohydrate tolerance and insulin sensitivity by regulating glucose tolerance. 

  • It improves the metabolic benefits of intense workouts.

L-BAIBA is known as an “exercise-induced muscle factor”. This means that it increases in amount as users engage in exercises. The metabolic benefits of L-BAIBA are more manifest among users who exercise.

L-BAIBA for intense workouts
  • It supports cellular mitochondrial function and prevents aging.

The compound also works to prevent oxidation and enhance the cellular mitochondria’s capacity to produce energy.

  • It increases ketone production.

The product also increases fat oxidation, which produces more ketones as fuel for exercise. 

L-BAIBA Side Effects

When taken within the recommended daily dosages, L-BAIBA is not known to cause any side effects. 

L-BAIBA Dosage

Medical practitioners recommend the intake of about 250 to 500 mg of L-BAIBA daily.

L-BAIBA Dosage

Where to Buy Bulk L-BAIBA Powder?

Due to the uncertain FDA policy, we have decided not to sell this product for the time being. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

However, our team – Nutri Avenue is an FDA-registered ingredients supplier. We offer various ingredients in our online store: Please come to know it. And tell us what you want.

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