Does L-Citrulline enhance lean muscle development?


Does L-Citrulline enhance lean muscle development?

L-arginine supplementation is an essential component of systems for health and wellness both among young and old individuals. Although most people believe that taking supplements with L-arginine is the best way to meet the body’s daily need for the compound, experts have recently found that maximum L-arginine supplementation can be achieved through health supplements containing L-Citrulline. The compound L-Citrulline is an amino acid which is converted into L-Arginine upon reaching the kidneys. By surpassing the possibility of being destroyed by the Hydrochloric acid of the stomach, L-Citrulline health supplements are able to provide the body higher amounts of L-Arginine as compared to HCl-vulnerable L-Arginine supplements.

What is L-Citrulline?

Among the dietary amino acids included in the urea cycle is the compound L-Citrulline. The breakdown of the drug leads to the production of two other compounds―L-arginine and nitric oxide. Both of the compounds produced by L-Citrulline metabolism are essential for cardiovascular health. While no evidences are yet presented to establish the claim that the drug can increase cardiac output among patients, several human subject studies have led to the reasonable conclusion that the supplement is effective in reducing blood pressure among pre-hypertensive individuals.

Benefits of using L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline can be very helpful not only among ordinary individuals but also among athletes and bodybuilders. The following are some of the proven benefits of using the supplement:

  1. It improves overall blood circulation

Studies show that L-Citrulline helps improve overall blood circulation and cardiovascular health by proportionately dilating blood vessels in the distal ends of the body. Individuals suffering from disorders resulting from ineffective circulation are also shown to benefit from L-Citrulline use. Diabetic patients who suffer from slow wound healing as a result of sluggish circulation may also be treated with L-Citrulline supplementation.

  1. It may treat erectile dysfunctions

While several factors may contribute to the development of erectile dysfunctions, most cases are primarily associated with insufficient circulation towards the male genitals during sexual contact. By improving overall circulation, some experts believe that L-Citrulline may help treat erectile dysfunctions, especially the mild and moderate types.

  1. It may enhance lean muscle development

Nitric oxide production following L-Citrulline metabolism can lead to the increase of oxygen and nutrient supply in the muscles during exercises. This can result to rapid development of muscles even with less strenuous exercises.

4.It may improve athletic performance

Effective circulation even during workouts can lead to improved athletic performance. Fatigue and exhaustion usually result from ineffective circulation, and can only be treated by increasing blood supply towards the musculoskeletal regions of the body.


L-Citrulline supplementation is beneficial in several other ways. Most of the health benefits associated with L-Citrulline are also backed with human-subject studies, making the compound among the safest non-essential amino acids.

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