Does Red Clover Extract Work For Fertility?

Red Clover Extract is claimed to increase fertility and improve chances of getting pregnant among women

Does Red Clover Extract Work For Fertility?

Red Clover Extract is a recognized dietary supplement ingredient that is known for its effects in managing menopausal symptoms and improving overall hormonal balance among women. The product is found to contain several isoflavone compounds which provide positive support for fertility and liver health. The compounds in Red Clover Extract are also claimed to promote skin and hair health.

What is Red Clover Extract?

Red Clover Extract, also known as Red Clover Blossom and Leaf Extract, Trifolium pratense, Red Clover flowering tops Extract, Promensil, Menoflavon, Promensil, and Rimostil, is a product that is taken from the plant known as Trifolium pratense. Red Clover is often sold in the form of tea and has been used traditionally for the prevention of symptoms associated with menopause and other hormone-associated conditions. The extract is also claimed to be beneficial in men as it may help prevent male-pattern baldness.

The product Red Clover Extract has a brownish-green to black fine powder appearance.

Constituents of Red Clover Extract

Red Clover Extract is packed with several Isoflavone compounds which include Daidzein, Genistein, Biochanin-A, and Formonentin. In terms of nutritional percentages, it is shown that the product contains 35.54% isoflavones, 1.11% flavonoids, 0.06% pterocarpans, ≤ 0.03% coumarins, and ≤ 0.03% tyramine.

The most common flavonoids in the compound are apigenin and luteolin. The product also contains many minerals and saponins.

Biochanin A

Biochanin A is a phytoestrogen compound that is shown to have putative benefits in dietary cancer prophylaxis. It serves as a tyrosine kinase inhibitor and also an antineoplastic agent. It is among the key ingredients in Red Clover Extract which contributes to the many health benefits associated with the product.

The CAS number of Biochanin A is 491-80-5 and its molecular formula is C16H12O5. The molecular weight of the product is 284.26 g/mol.

Biochanin A structure

Red Clover Extract Forms and Specifications

The product Red Clover Extract comes in various forms. The most common forms of the product include 8% Isoflavones powder, Red Clover 10:1 ratio extract, and Red Clover 5:1 ratio extract. Custom standardized extract forms may also be availed from some ingredient suppliers offering the product such as Nutriavenue.

Customers may buy Red Clover Extract in bulk or lesser quantities from Nutriavenue. For bulk purchases, the product is usually packed in paper drums with a net weight of 25 kilograms. Two layers of polybags are placed inside each paper bag to ensure maximum product protection. However, customers may avail of different packaging materials if they prefer a different one.

Red Clover Extract benefits

Crimson Clover vs. Red Clover

Crimson clover is an annual herb that is also known as Italian clover. Unlike Red Clover which is associated with many health benefits, Crimson clover is mostly used only for beautification and as a nitrogen-fixing cover crop in agriculture. The consumption of Crimson clover is not ideal as it poses risk for Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Bacillus cereus contamination.

White Clover vs. Red Clover

White clover is another member of the Fabaceae family, similar to Red Clover, which is associated with several health benefits. White clover and Red Clover are, however, different in certain aspects, especially in their health benefits.

While Red Clover is mostly used for the management of menopausal symptoms, white clover is commonly used for improved blood flow and internal and external causes of gout.

Red Clover for Men

While Red Clover is often associated with women, modern researches reveal that the said product may also contribute to enhanced male health. Among the benefits of using the product in men include improved prostate health, hair loss prevention, and increased testosterone levels.

Red clover boosts testosterone

One recent study has revealed that red clover-treated patients have increased testosterone levels as compared to the control group. However, the said study is still subject to confirmatory research to fully establish the effects of the herb among men users.

How does Red Clover Extract Work?

Red Clover Extract has many health effects, especially among women. One study shows that Red Clover acts like the hormone estrogen. This results in the reduction of some symptoms of menopause such as sweating during the night and hot flashes.

The product may also have properties that can thin out the blood, preventing blood from clotting. It may improve blood circulation as well.

Red Clover Manufacturing Process

The process of producing Red Clover extract usually involves the flower heads or the entire flower as raw materials. After drying the said raw materials, they are subjected to various extraction and separation procedures to obtain Red Clover Extract.

Red Clover Extract Health Benefits

Red Clover Extract for fertility

The following are among the benefits of using Red Clover Extract in dietary supplement products:

  • It provides menopause relief to women.

The product Red Clover Extract, through its phytoestrogen properties, is believed to help relieve menopause symptoms in women. It effectively reduces the severity and frequency of symptoms including hot flashes and night sweats.

  • It promotes hormonal balance.

A study conducted on Red Clover Extract has also shown that it may promote hormonal balance among women. This means that various health conditions associated with hormonal imbalances may be prevented with Red Clover Extract use.

  • It may be used for skin health.

The product is also shown to enhance skin health. In one clinical research, it was found that the use of Red Clover Extract has significantly improved skin texture, appearance, and overall quality.

Red Clover Extract for skin
  • It may promote fertility.

Red Clover Extract is also claimed to increase fertility and improve the chances of getting pregnant among women.

  • It promotes hair health such as hair loss, etc.

Using Red Clover Extract dietary supplements may also promote hair health as it effectively increases the hair growth cycle and decreases the hair loss cycle.

Red Clover Extract for hair
  • It may support liver health.

In the early days, Red Clover is used to enhance liver health. It was recently discovered in health studies that the product effectively enhances liver health by cleansing liver cells and promoting detoxification.

Red Clover Extract for liver health

Red Clover Extract Side Effects

When taken within recommended dosages, Red Clover Extract is not known to cause any side effects. However, some users may experience mild side effects which are expected to disappear after the first few doses. Users who experience severe adverse reactions should immediately consult their physicians.

Red Clover Extract Dosage

The intake of about 40 to 80 mg of Red Clover Extract daily is found in studies to be safe and effective. Nonetheless, physicians may prescribe a different dose depending on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.

Where to Buy Bulk Red Clover Extract Powder?

Red Clover Extract powder, along with many other dietary supplement ingredients, may be purchased from our company, Nutriavenue.

Nutriavenue is an FDA-registered ingredient supplier which has been in the market for ingredient supply for several years. We are committed to providing products with proven purity and potency as we carefully test our products before we present them for sale. We also adopt advanced technological methods in manufacturing our products as we adhere to our commitment to excellence.

Our company is proudly recognized and certified by entities like Kosher, Halal, and GMP. We also offer shipping services through the air, sea, or couriers like UPS and FedEx.

For more information on our products and services, you may contact our technical support staff.

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