Does Tomatidine Have The Wonderful Muscle-Building Power?


Does Tomatidine Have The Wonderful Muscle-Building Power?

Recognized in various fields of medicine since ancient times are the many health benefits of tomatoes and the compounds found in the fruit. While most experimental studies on tomatoes involved ripe ones or orange-colored tomatoes, modern health researches show that green tomatoes yield high amounts of Tomatidine, an essential compound that can play a vital role in improving overall health.

With the increasing number of quantitative researches evidencing the possibility of health claims associated with Tomatidine use, many experts now recommend the inclusion of the compound in many health supplement product formulations. In terms of qualitative factors, however, experts say that the exact role of Tomatidine in the body, as well as its possible adverse and side effects, are not yet fully established.

What is Tomatidine?

Tomatidine is typically a compound that results from the breakdown of alpha-tomatine, the chemical found in tomatoes, following digestion of the fruit when eaten. It is found in both ripe and unripe tomatoes but studies show that it is found in higher quantities among green tomatoes. The most important finding on Tomatidine which has caused it to increase in popularity in the field of health supplement manufacture is the claim that it may promote muscle building, even among patients who are suffering from conditions that result in muscle atrophy. Aside from increasing muscle size, certain researches also show that the compound effectively strengthens muscles. It was also suggested in many studies that Tomatidine promotes lean muscle mass development without causing weight gain. In fact, the compound is believed to promote weight loss through certain activated patterns. Many studies show that the compound, being derived from natural sources, is safe and effective but this claim is subject to deeper clinical studies.


Health Benefits of Using Tomatidine

Many experts highly recommend the use of Tomatidine in pre-workout health supplements but it can also be useful for supplements indicated among adults in general. The following are some of the important health benefits of using Tomatidine:

  • It may help prevent cancer.

The anti-carcinogenic effect of Tomatidine has been established in many studies involving mice subjects. Experts say that relative amounts of Tomatidine in supplements effectively enhance detoxification and elimination of toxic compounds in the body. This results in the efficient prevention of cancer.

Tomatidine prevents cancer
  • It enhances cardiovascular health.

In one clinical study, experts discovered that along with certain compounds, Tomatidine helps inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and its accumulation in the blood vessels. This results in improved cardiovascular circulation and the prevention of many heart illnesses.

  • It may improve bone health.

The effect of tomatoes in enhancing bone health is associated with the combined functions of many compounds found in the fruit including Tomatidine. Experts say that the compound on its own may promote bone health but the finding is subject to deeper clinical research.

Tomatidine for bone health


Tomatidine is very useful in preventing cancer and promoting heart health. As long as taken within recommended doses, it is believed to be safe and effective.

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