Dong Quai extract: The Hormone Enhancer from “Female Ginseng”

Dong Quai extract

Dong Quai extract: The Hormone Enhancer from “Female Ginseng”

Most of the conditions affecting women in the elderly age are associated with progressive reduction in the production of women hormones. Although these conditions are mostly treated with hormonal replacement therapies, many patients say that HRT is not quite advisable as it is associated with various side effects. In order to treat hormonal conditions naturally and without risks, experts recommend the use of health supplement products containing relative amounts of Dong Quai extract. For decades, Dong Quai extract has been used in the enhancement of hormone production among women and in the treatment of many ordinary disorders. Since it belongs to the alternative medicine category, Dong Quai extract is not yet recognized by the US-FDA as an effective drug. It is, however, believed to be very useful as actual patients have testified on its efficiency. Dong Quai extract is generally safe for use among individual patients but it must be taken with caution among those who are diagnosed with specific health conditions.

What is Dong Quai extract?

Dong Quai extract is a health supplement ingredient specially indicated for adult women and women who are already in the elderly stage of life. It is taken from the roots of the Dong Quai herb, also known as Female ginseng. Although it is primarily promoted as a health supplement ingredient for enhanced hormone production, many modern researches suggest that it may also be useful in increasing fertility in both men and women. It also enhances sex drive and improves sexual performance through its hormone production-enhancement effects. Dong Quai extract is also currently being subjected to health studies following findings that it may have effects in treating anemia, a blood condition. If Dong Quai extract will effectively treat anemia, experts say that patients may experience improved organ oxygenation with Dong Quai extract supplementation. Other studies are also being conducted to discover more benefits of using Dong Quai extract.

Health benefits of using Dong Quai extract

Some studies show potential benefits of using Dong Quai extract. The following are among the claimed benefits of using Dong Quai extract:

  • It may help treat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation among men can be treated effectively with Dong Quai extract supplementation, as shown in some health studies. This claim is still subject to confirmation studies.

  • It may promote wound healing

Dong Quai extract may also promote wound healing by improving blood circulation into the different parts of the body. This benefit can be very useful among Diabetic patients who are experiencing slowed wound healing due to reduced blood flow.

  • It works as an antioxidant

In several studies, it was also found that the health supplement ingredient Dong Quai extract contains several antioxidant compounds. These compounds may prevent cancer and improve bodily detoxification.


Dong Quai extract may be used in promoting overall health as it improves hormone production. It is safe for use, except when taken in excessive doses and by persons who are suffering from some health conditions.

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