Earthworm extract: Earth’s solution for Everyday Diseases

Earthworm extract

Earthworm extract: Earth’s solution for Everyday Diseases

Many health problems associated with unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to unhealthy environment are found to be treated effectively with Earthworm extract supplementation. Although the introduction of use of Earthworm extract in the manufacture of health supplements did not receive positive responses initially due to medical taboos, it was later established in health studies that certain compounds and enzymes in the extract may help support various bodily processes. Landmark studies have shown that Earthworm extract helps improve immune system function, making it ideal for treatment of several health diseases including those associated with bacterial and viral growth. Health risk studies are also being conducted to determine whether the use of Earthworm extract is safe and effective for individual users.

What is Earthworm extract?

For thousands of years, experts have wondered on the extent of immunity of earthworms. With the notion that the positive health responses of earthworms can be transferred to humans through supplementation, pilot studies on preparation of earthworm extract began in the recent decades. It was also found in phytochemical studies that Earthworm extract contains high amounts of protein which can be a good source for amino acid needs of humans. Since the use of the extract in the field of health supplement manufacture is relatively new, it is said by experts to still be subject to in-depth clinical studies. Many of the health claims associated with its use are also not yet backed with qualitative studies, although some claims are already supported with sufficient quantitative findings.

Health benefits of using Earthworm extract

Earthworm extract yields a lot of health benefits to both men and women. According to studies, it contains polyunsaturated fats, phosphorus, calcium, catalase peroxidase and arachidonic acid which promote health in many ways. Some of the known benefits of using Earthworm extract include the following:

  • It may improve digestion

The compounds found in Earthworm extract are said to help improve digestion and prevent diseases associated with the digestive tract like diarrhea. The extract also helps regulate microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract to prevent infections. Metabolism may also improve with Earthworm extract supplementation.

  • It may promote tranquillity

Certain studies have also claimed that Earthworm extract supplementation may help improve nervous system function and promote effective stress responses. The active components of the extract prevent rapid deterioration of brain cells, thereby promoting tranquillity and relaxation.

  • It promotes wound healing

Aside from its protein content, experts say that the wound healing-promoting effects of Earthworm extract is associated with its Arachidonic acid content. The extract is not as efficient, however, as clinically-approved medications.


Earthworm extract is a useful health supplement ingredient for improved digestion, cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal wellness. It is also safe for use as established by current studies.

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