Echinacea: The Immmunity Booster!


Echinacea: The Immmunity Booster!

Long before the arrival of European explorers, Native Americans have used Echinacea herb in the treatment of influenza and colds. The use of the drug was then carried out into European countries, especially Germany, until it has reached various regions of the world. While the pharmacodynamics effects of Echinacea extract remains unfounded in the scientific world, a lot of individuals have clearly seen and experienced the benefits of using the herbal in improving overall health and wellness.

What is Echinacea extract?

Various species of the herb Echinacea contain several compounds primarily subjected to studies for their immunologic effects. The herb is a perennial plant which can last for several years and grows prevalently in moist and open wood areas of eastern and central North America. Through laboratory processes, Echinacea extract is extracted from the herb and is included in health supplement formulations. Experts say that Echinacea extract works through its antioxidant and antimicrobial components which are very effective in promoting immune system functions. With the rise of bacterial disorders that are not responsive to synthetically-formulated antimicrobials, experts are once again seeking for the inclusion of Echinacea extract as a medically-approved source for antibacterial agents.

What are the benefits of using Echinacea extract?

Echinacea extract has widespread benefits as it involves the body’s most important organ system for defense―the immune system. The following are known to be the benefits of taking supplements containing Echinacea extract:

1. It fights off infections

Infection rises when the number of microorganisms in the body rapidly increases due to immune-compromised state of a patient. Since its discovery in the early centuries, Echinacea extract has been used to fight off infections and treat colds and flu. Today, the drug is being included in some alternative medicine treatment options for HIV, HPV, urinary tract infections and common respiratory tract infections. The active components of Echinacea extract, according to researches, have potential effects both as antibiotic and antiviral agents.

2. It reduces inflammation

Various body inflammations brought about by trauma or other factors are also found to be reduced with Echinacea extract supplementation. The herbal is reported to be effective in the treatment of inflammations associated with Rheumatoid arthritis, hemorrhoids, insect bites and many others. Inflammation control is a direct benefit when immune system is strengthened with Echinacea extract use.

3. It may prevent cancer development

Most researches on Echinacea extract are currently being conducted to determine the feasibility of the herbal in preventing and treating cancer as initiatory studies yielded positive results. The antioxidants found in the extract is said to prevent rapid abnormal body cell growth which leads to tumor and cancer formation.


Raising immune system responses through Echinacea extract supplements is the best way to protect the body from microbial invasion and infections. Echinacea extract is a unique ingredient which must be included in health supplement formulations for better health protection.

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