Eucommia leaves extract: Weight Loss and Longevity Secret

Eucommia leaves extract

Eucommia leaves extract: Weight Loss and Longevity Secret

While traditional Chinese alternative medicine primarily derives medicines from its bark, it was recently found in a study that the leaves of Eucommia tree yields the most beneficial compounds. This has led to the development of effective extraction procedures for Eucommia leaves, as the ordinary extraction procedures used in Eucommia bark are no longer applicable. A lot of health supplements sold in the market today contain Eucommia leaves extract as the drug is known to promote longevity in various ways. Eucommia has also been included in the list of 50 fundamental herbs used in Chinese Medicine and is also recognized by many health practitioners as a potent herbal drug.

What is Eucommia leaves extract?

The Eucommia tree to which Eucommia leaves extract is isolated is native in China and other Asian regions. The extract has long been used in traditional treatment of certain types of inflammations as well as hormone-associated conditions. Much attention in being given on Eucommia leaves extract today due to the claims that it can help promote weight loss among obese individuals. There are only a few human subject studies conducted on Eucommia leaves extract but its health benefits are backed with a lot of animal subject researches.

What are the benefits of using Eucommia leaves extract?

Eucommia leaves extract is among the few compounds which are generally active even in the lowest doses. Higher doses may produce better results but physicians still emphasize on the importance of taking Eucommia leaves extract within health dosages. The benefits of using Eucommia leaves extract are the following:

  • It promotes thermogenesis

One of the most accepted theories on how Eucommia leaves extract promotes weight loss is that it enhances thermogenesis or the heat production mechanism of the body. The production of heat leads to the breakdown of subcutaneous fats in several body regions. Thermogenesis also contributes to increase in the rate of metabolism, which in turn promotes fat burn.

  • It may Prevent Osteoporosis

A certain study conducted in 2012 by Chinese experts has shown that Eucommia leaves extract, as compared to the Eucommia bark, yields better effects in terms of osteoporosis prevention. Eucommia leaves extract helps prevent hormonal imbalance among elderly women which is the root cause of osteoporosis. In some studies, it is also said that Eucommia leaves extract improves bone mass, leading to stronger bones.

  • It may Reduce Blood Pressure

Although considered an isolated finding, a lot of experts are showing interest on Eucommia leaves extract for its claimed effects on reducing blood pressure. There is no concrete understanding as to how Eucommia leaves extract reduces blood pressure among animal subjects. There is, however, another potential claim that Eucommia leaves extract promote healthy blood pressure by reducing triglyceride levels in the blood.


While considered a potential drug on its own, Eucommia leaves extract works best when combined with other natural herbal extracts. Its pharmacodynamics may not be as clear but the benefits associated with Eucommia leaves extract are very clear.

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