Eugenia Jambolana: An Herbal Plant for Hyperglycemia Control

Eugenia Jambolana

Eugenia Jambolana: An Herbal Plant for Hyperglycemia Control

Alternative medicine has long offered several herbal cures for Diabetes Mellitus and its associated signs and symptoms but due to lack of qualitative confirmatory studies on humans, many of these effective treatments are not yet recognized by modern science. One of the most popular alternative medicine treatments for DM is Eugenia Jambolana. For thousands of years, Eugenia Jambolana has been used in traditional medicine as a cure for many illnesses including stomach upsets and symptoms of ongoing infection. Although there are limited studies exactly proving how Eugenia Jambolana works in the body, experts believe that it is widely useful in lowering blood sugar, curing Diabetes and preventing infections. This is the reason why it is included in the formulation of many modern health supplements indicated for both men and women.

What is Eugenia Jambolana?

Eugenia Jambolana is a tree species whose leaves, bark and fruits are useful in the field of medicine. It is shown under pharmacodynamic studies to contain a lot of compounds which enhance bodily processes and prevent progression of various conditions. Its effect in the control and prevention of hyperglycemia has long been recognized in alternative medicine fields but not yet fully proven in modern medicine. Many patients who are suffering from Diabetes Mellitus are shown to have lowered blood sugar levels after long-term Eugenia Jambolana supplementation. This finding shows that the effect of Eugenia Jambolana in lowering blood sugar is not as rapid as insulin introduction. However, it might help in long-term blood sugar control. Eugenia Jambolana must not be used during hypoglycemic attacks as it may significantly reduce blood sugar, resulting to more serious complications. Eugenia Jambolana must not be used as well among patients who are taking medications for other illnesses without physician’s advice. To healthy individuals, Eugenia Jambolana us generally safe for use.

What are the benefits of using Eugenia Jambolana?

Persons who take Eugenia Jambolana have reported improvement in their overall wellness in so many ways. The following are among the uses of Eugenia Jambolana:

  1. It may help cure cancer

Some compounds in Eugenia Jambolana are shown to possess anti-cancer properties. Aside from treating the lifestyle-associated condition Diabetes Mellitus, experts are developing interest over Eugenia Jambolana as it is found to help prevent and cure cancer.

  1. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties

Eugenia Jambolana is also effective in viral and bacterial growth control. It may thus prevent a lot of illnesses associated or brought about by infections. Scientists are still determining which types of microorganisms are responsive against Eugenia Jambolana.

  1. It helps improve cardiac function

The antioxidants found in Eugenia Jambolana are also effective in eliminating cholesterol in the blood and promoting cardiovascular function. This has been observed in various studies.


Eugenia Jambolana is one of the most useful herbal products among Diabetic patients. It may also improve functions of the cardiovascular system and the immune system without associated risks.

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