Evodiamine: The Safer Capsaicin Equivalent


Evodiamine: The Safer Capsaicin Equivalent

Questions on the safety of using Capsaicin in obesity and overweight condition treatment has paved the way for the development of Capsaicin-like compounds with lesser health risks like Evodiamine. Although the Evodia fruit, to which the compound Evodiamine is derived, has long been used under Traditional Chinese Medicine for various medical purposes, the compound has only been studied upon for possible capsaicin-like benefits upon discovery that it has almost similar molecular structure as the powerful weight loss agent.  There are several other health benefits found to be effectively provided by regular Evodiamine supplementation but because of lack of published human-subject studies, the compound remains to be an ingredient only of dietary supplements.

What is Evodiamine?

Evodiamine belongs to the classification of bioactive alkaloid compounds extracted from Evodia Tree. The Evodia’s roots and bark are shown to yield the highest amounts of Evodiamine during extraction while the tree’s fruit yields other essential phytonutrients. Since the extract from the tree has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of headaches, hypertension, congestive heart failure and other health conditions, most studies today are being conducted to determine whether the claimed health effects of Evodia extract are primarily associated with its Evodiamine content. There being no safety issues as to the use of the compound, its inclusion in health supplement formulation is deemed highly advantageous.

What are the uses of Evodiamine?

In the field of health science, Evodiamine may provide a lot of benefits for all individuals of various ages. Dosage regulation is necessary, however, among patients with underlying conditions and those who are at very young ages. Some of the health benefits of using Evodiamine include the following:

  1. It enhances weight loss

Since the compound is shown to be like Capsaicin, its mechanism of action in terms of weight loss promotion is believed to be patterned after Capsaicin. Evodiamine enhances weight loss effects by lowering cholesterol levels and promoting effective fat elimination. It is also believed to enhance metabolism, thereby promoting the breakdown of fat reserves found in the subcutaneous layers of the body. To date, the effects of Evodiamine in weight loss are limited to animal studies.

  1. It may control metastatic cancers

The more dangerous type of cancer as between benign and metastatic types is the latter as it causes transfer of cancer cells from an area to another. Studies show that Evodiamine, among mice subjects, effectively controls metastasis of cancer cells, especially those affecting the oral cavity and the breasts. Deeper studies are required however to establish the claim fully.

  1. It may treat depression

A study conducted on December of 2014 shows that Evodiamine may have potential effects as an anti-depressant medication. While one group of experts say that the mechanism is associated with neurotransmitter production, another group provides that it is associated with hormones. Whatever the exact explanation may be, however, Evodiamine is now recommended for health supplements indicated for depressive patients.


Evodiamine is the safe equivalent of the powerful weight loss aid Capsaicin. With all its benefits, individual users may enjoy wellness and longevity.

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