Fennel seed extract: A Good Source of Fiber and Antioxidants

Fennel seed extract

Fennel seed extract: A Good Source of Fiber and Antioxidants

The Parsley family of herbs is a popular spice ingredient known as well for their many contributions in the field of health and wellness. Belonging to this popular medicinal herb family is the perennial pleasant-smelling herb Fennel. Although Fennel is not as popular as other species belonging to the taxonomical classification of Parley, it is currently gaining attention in the medical field as it is found to have potential effects in reducing respiratory tract secretions. It is also shown to have potential effects in relaxing the colon which means that it may treat irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive tract disorders. Many manufacturers of modern health supplements are now including Fennel seed extract in their formulations not only because it improves digestion and overall gastrointestinal health but also because it may improve respiration.

What is Fennel seed extract?

Fennel seed extract is taken from the herbal spice Fennel which is prevalent in the Mediterranean region. In terms of appearance, Fennel seeds are almost similar to anise seeds, although they vary when it comes to potential health effects in the body. Both Fennel seeds and anise seeds are useful in the culinary field, making it difficult to distinguish between the two but for purposes of health supplement manufacture, a distinction must be made. According to studies, Fennel seed extract contains high amounts of antioxidants which are very useful in promoting detoxification of body cells. Antioxidants in Fennel seed extract prevent many disorders from progressing such as cancers and Diabetes Mellitus. Long-term use of Fennel seed extract supplements may also promote improvement in hair health, especially among those who are experiencing balding.

What other benefits may be derived from Fennel seed extract supplementation?

There are many other reasons why health experts highly recommend intake of Fennel seed extract supplements among adults. The other health benefits of the extract include the following:

  • It may prevent neurological conditions

Neurological conditions are illnesses of the brain brought about by factors including accumulation of free radicals in the brain cells. Studies show that the compounds in Fennel seed extract effectively promote detoxification of brain cells, thereby preventing damage brought about by free radicals and development of neurological conditions.

  • It binds cholesterol

Fennel seed extract is also a rich source of fiber which binds cholesterol and prevents its rapid absorption. This results to the prevention of many lifestyle-associated conditions which are often life-threatening.

  • It improves red blood cell production

Taking Fennel seed extract supplements is also ideal for individuals with low red blood cell count. Although the mechanism behind this function is not yet understood, many experts are convinced that certain compounds in Fennel seed extract help promote red blood cell production.


Another field of interest which is currently the subject of researches on Fennel seed extract is its effects in promoting weight loss. Not only is Fennel seed extract quite beneficial but it is also ideal for use as it is safe for human consumption.

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