Fermented Black Garlic Extract: The Better Form of Garlic

Fermented Black Garlic Extract

Fermented Black Garlic Extract: The Better Form of Garlic

Although its white counterpart is already known to possess several amazing health benefits, experts say that black garlic has more wellness effects which can be very helpful among individuals of all ages. Undergoing the process of fermentation, black garlic is believed to increase its concentrations of the compound S-allylcysteine which plays a vital role in all of the health benefits associated with garlic.

The fermented black garlic is then subjected to further extraction procedures to separate the most important components from the non-significant ones and include the extract in the formulation of health supplements. Today, fermented black garlic extract has been included in the list of the decade’s greatest landmark discoveries.

What is Fermented Black Garlic Extract?

Fermented Black Garlic Extract is originally introduced by Koreans a few years ago. Although its use in the culinary world is not yet established, unlike its white counterpart, Fermented Black Garlic Extract has instantly become a hit during its presentation as a potential medicinal ingredient.

Fermented Black Garlic Extract produces a very pungent odor which gives out a better flavor according to some individuals. This is an indication, according to experts, that the extract may indeed possess more than twice the healthful compounds found in white garlic cloves.

Health benefits of using Fermented Black Garlic Extract

There are generally not many differences when it comes to Fermented Black Garlic Extract benefits and white garlic extract health effects but what makes the former a better choice is that it has more powerful phytochemical components. Some of the health benefits associated with Fermented Black Garlic Extract supplementation includes the following:

1. It may prevent several disorders

From ordinary headaches to chronic cardiovascular and nervous system disorders, Fermented Black Garlic Extract is believed to potentially prevent disease processes. Studies show that the antioxidant properties of the extract may help in the elimination of certain chemicals in the body which lead to the development of various diseases affecting several organ systems. Fermented Black Garlic Extract helps eliminate free radicals which usually lodge into body cells and cause certain genetic mutations. It may also help prevent circulatory system problems by eliminating fat molecules which obstruct blood vessels.

2. It controls infection

The active compounds which are doubled in Fermented Black Garlic Extract are also found to help control microbial growth. Experts say that garlic in general has antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties which are very helpful in controlling infection and preventing compromised state among individuals.

3. It controls cholesterol levels

Cholesterol and lipid level control is also one of the most popular benefits of using Fermented Black Garlic Extract. By helping reduce cholesterol in the blood, the extract may help prevent development of other disorders like Diabetes Mellitus Type II and atherosclerosis.


With Fermented Black Garlic Extract, the already good white garlic has become a whole lot better. The extract is probably one of the most interesting ingredients of modern health supplements which, when developed further, can promote longevity.

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