Ferrous Lactate Powder: An Iron Source For Improved Food PH

Ferrous lactate powder

Ferrous Lactate Powder: An Iron Source For Improved Food PH

According to latest statistical researches, the number of patients who are experiencing long-term iron-deficiency anemia has increased over the years due to various factors including lack of sufficient dietary iron sources. One of the most common forms of iron compounds which are found in many health supplement formulations is ferrous lactate powder.

In patients who are suffering from severe anemia, taking such iron supplements is a necessity. While many experts recommend the intake of iron-rich foods such as nuts, meat and liver to increase bodily iron levels, some promote nutritional supplementation of the compound to ensure sufficient daily intake. Although quite beneficial in treating iron deficiency cases, Ferrous lactate powder over dosage has been shown to increase a person’s risk for various side effects. As long as the compound is taken in relatively low doses, Ferrous lactate powder is safe and effective.

Today, Nutri Avenue will introduce this ingredient in the following content.

What Is Ferrous Lactate Powder?

Ferrous lactate powder is described as greenish-white. It is typically used in the field of medicine as an iron compound source. Many pregnant women are recommended to take Ferrous lactate powder supplementation as it is known to be among the most effective iron deficiency treatments. Studies reveal that this ingredient supplement among pregnant women has significantly reduced risk for low birth weight and premature births. Although other forms of iron supplements are also useful, many experts recommend Ferrous lactate powder for this purpose.

It may also be used to treat iron deficiency among patients who are at the extremes of age. For individuals who are suffering from blood disorders other than iron deficiency anemia, Ferrous lactate supplementation must be with recommendation of attending physicians. The reason is this compound must not be used as well among patients who are taking certain types of medications.

What Are Ferrous Lactate Powder Benefits?

The main reason why Ferrous Lactate is included in health supplement formulations is that it is useful in treating iron deficiency anemia among pregnant women. It may also be used to improve bodily functions through the following:

  1. It improves red blood cell structure.

Iron plays a vital role in the maintenance of red blood cell structure. By ensuring iron levels through Ferrous lactate powder supplementation, RBC appearance generally improves.

  1. It may help improve blood circulation.

Studies also show that iron is important in blood circulation and increasing its levels through ferrous lactate powder supplementation may improve that bodily function.

  1. It helps regulate acidity in food.

In some researches, it was also established that this ingredient may work in regulating acidity levels in food.


The use of ferrous lactate powder is safe for healthy individuals but must be taken with caution among diagnosed patients. It must not be taken in high doses except when prescribed.

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