Ferulic Acid: A Plant Compound For Better, Younger-looking Skin

Ferulic Acid

Ferulic Acid: A Plant Compound For Better, Younger-looking Skin

Aging is manifested in the human body in so many ways. Aside from the gradual degeneration of vital brain functions, bodily processes such as metabolism also slow down. When it comes to aging, the most common and quite observable site of degeneration is in the skin. While skin wrinkling may not be readily noticeable during the middle adulthood age, other signs of aging like appearance of dark aging spots and loss of skin elasticity are quite evident. Signs of aging usually begin during the late adulthood age but due to unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to unhealthy environment, studies show that many adults in the early and middle adulthood age are already experiencing signs of aging. In order to avoid rapid degeneration of skin cells and the appearance of signs of aging in the integumentary system, experts recommend the use of supplements with Ferulic Acid. Although it is not yet well-known in the field of alternative medicine, many individuals are now getting interested with the newest skin health enhancing compound known as Ferulic Acid.

What is Ferulic Acid?

Ferulic Acid is a compound which is normally found in the leaves and other parts of various plant sources. It has a structure similar to the popular health compound curcumin. Studies show that the antioxidant effect of Ferulic Acid is quite effective in cleansing skin cells from toxic compounds, thereby preventing their damage and degeneration. This mechanism helps lower aging rates among skin cells and promotes skin cell regeneration and resurfacing. Many beauty skin products contain relative amounts of Ferulic Acid but in order to provide an internal effect, taking Ferulic Acid supplements is advisable. There are also no risks associated with Ferulic Acid supplementation but it must only be taken within doses recommended by physicians to prevent side effects.

What are the health benefits of using Ferulic Acid supplements?

Ferulic Acid supplementation may be beneficial not only to the skin but also to other parts of the human body. The following are other benefits of using Ferulic Acid supplements:

  1. It may help reduce blood glucose levels

In one study, it was concluded that Ferulic Acid supplementation may also be useful in controlling blood sugar-associated complications of Diabetes Mellitus. This finding is currently being confirmed by experts as it is a promising benefit for modern day diabetics.

  1. It may help reduce cholesterol levels

As an antioxidant compound, Ferulic Acid is also believed to help reduce cholesterol levels by flushing out cholesterol from the body. Through this health benefit, various conditions including heart ailments may be prevented.

  1. It may reduce cancer risks

The detoxification effects of Ferulic Acid may also be explained as a mechanism for the compound to help prevent cancer formation in the body. Experts are currently looking into the possibility of treating the condition using Ferulic Acid.


Experts recommend the inclusion of Ferulic Acid in modern health supplements as it enhances overall health, aside from improving skin health. Persons who are taking certain medications must seek consultation with physicians before using Ferulic Acid supplements.

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