Feverfew extract: Tested Best Alternative Solution for Migraines

Feverfew extract

Feverfew extract: Tested Best Alternative Solution for Migraines

Many individuals, as revealed in recent statistical surveys, are now suffering from migraine, tension headache and other forms of headaches due to various factors including high stress levels and problems with brain oxygenation. While short-term immediate treatments for these conditions are available, manufacturers of health supplement aim to produce products which provide long-term relief, although not immediately effective. One of the prime components of modern day health supplements indicated for persons who suffer from migraine is Feverfew extract. For centuries, Feverfew extract has been used by practitioners of alternative medicine in the treatment of headaches and other illnesses. Modern studies show that some of the compounds in Feverfew extract may also promote overall health by enhancing digestion and reproductive system health.

What is Feverfew extract?

Feverfew extract is taken from the fresh leaves of the Feverfew herb. Originally, the herb grows only Europe and North American regions but with the discovery of its health effects, many adjacent regions have also began cultivating the herb. In modern studies, Feverfew extract, in treating migraine, is believed to work through its compound component known as parthenolide. Parthenolide, when introduced in the human body, effectively reduces contributory factors such as chemical processes which directly result to migraine development. Feverfew extract also has anti-inflammatory effects which is another factor being considered by experts as to how it may prevent migraine and other types of headaches. Health supplements with Feverfew extract are ideal for modern day individuals but must be taken with caution among individuals who are diagnosed with certain health conditions.

What are the benefits of using Feverfew extract?

There are many advantages of including Feverfew extract in health supplement formulations. Aside from its proven effects in treating migraine, Feverfew extract is believed to provide the following benefits:

  • It may treat rheumatoid arthritis

In as early as 1989, studies have already been conducted to determine how Feverfew extract may affect joint arthritic pains associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It has been established that Feverfew extract may prevent and control inflammation of the joints through certain unknown patterns, thereby reducing inflammatory pain.

  • It may work against skin conditions

Skin diseases such as dermatitis, rosacea and rashes are also shown to be treated effectively with Feverfew extract supplementation. The extract is also effective against itching brought about by insect bites.

  • It may promote male fertility

One of the traditional uses of Feverfew extract is on the promotion of fertility among men. It has been established in some quantitative researches on animals that indeed, the compounds in the extract may promote fertility.


When taken through oral supplements, Feverfew extract may also combat cancer and prevent blood clots. It is safe, effective and quite useful among patients who are suffering and are at risk for developing migraines.

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