Flax Lignans: An Alternative Treatment for Hormone-associated Cancers

Flax Lignans

Flax Lignans: An Alternative Treatment for Hormone-associated Cancers

Despite the lack of understanding on the exact physiologic effects of Lignans in the human body, many quantitative researches show that it effectively prevents osteoporosis and other hormone-associated conditions both among young and elderly women. Males are also believed to benefit with supplementation of Lignans as it is found to have certain roles in the prevention of cancers and other illnesses associated with unhealthy lifestyle. Although Lignans may be isolated from various species of plants, experts say that those which are derived from Flaxseeds are most effective in promoting health. Flax Lignans are useful not only in women’s health supplements but it is also advantageous as an ingredient for health supplements indicated for the general public. As a naturally-occurring health supplement ingredient, Flax Lignans is said to be safe and effective.

What is Flax Lignans?

Flax Lignans refer to the lignan compounds derived from Flaxseeds. In order to obtain the health supplement ingredient, experts usually conduct a series of laboratory procedures under specified standards to ensure purity of Flax Lignans. Following discoveries that Flax Lignans may have certain effects in the regulation of a healthy intestinal flora environment, experts have begun conducting researches on the effects of the compound in other organ systems of the body. Although not yet fully accepted in the field of medicine, experts say that Flax Lignans help prevent growth and development of cancer cells in the human body. Scientists have not yet established the exact explanation as to how Flax Lignans control spread of cancer in the body but the findings have already been observed in many quantitative researches. With the development of methods in scientific research, experts believe that the physiologic patterns of Flax Lignans will be discovered in the near future.

Health benefits of using Flax Lignans

Health experts recommend the use of Flax Lignans for many reasons. Among the benefits of using Flax Lignans include the following:

1. It reduces bad cholesterol levels

Bad cholesterol causes different diseases affecting not only the cardiovascular system but also metabolism process. Studies show that Flax Lignans may have effects in controlling cholesterol levels in the body, thereby preventing heart illnesses.

2. It improves metabolism

Metabolism may slow down with the interaction of various factors but it may be improved with Flax Lignans supplementation, as found in health researches. The claim is not yet fully recognized in health fields.

3. It may provide menopausal symptom relief

Women who are suffering from symptoms associated with menopause may also find relief with Flax Lignans supplementation. Experts say that Flax Lignans may help regulate hormones.


Quantitative researches on Flax Lignans indicate its efficiency in terms of health promotion. It is also safe for use among both adult men and women.

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