Flos Sophorae extract: Weight Loss Extract for Modern Obesity Prevention

Flos Sophorae extract

Flos Sophorae extract: Weight Loss Extract for Modern Obesity Prevention

Having various uses in the construction field as well as in the furniture manufacturing industry, studies on the potential medicinal benefits of Flos Sophorae extract or Sophora Japonica were not as intensive in the past as compared today. In the recent years, many researchers have conducted studies on Flos Sophorae extract as it is discovered in quantitative researches to be very useful in preventing rapid bleeding. This means that the compounds in the extract have coagulation promoting effects, which help prevent hemorrhagic shock. Flos Sophorae extract is also found to contain various compounds including flavonoids, tannins and triterpenoids which are known to help prevent onset of cancer, or even prevent progression of the disease among individuals who are already suffering from the condition. Although quite beneficial for purposes of enhancing overall health, Flos Sophorae extract supplementation must be limited to physician-recommended doses as overdose of the extract may result to serious medical conditions.

What is Flos Sophorae extract?

More popularly known as Sophora Japonica extract, Flos Sophorae extract is a health supplement ingredient which is usually included in herbal extract supplement formulations. Flos Sophorae extract has long been used under traditional treatments in the prevention of various health conditions including swelling of blood vessels and experiencing unpleasant symptoms involving the digestive tract. Although limited qualitative studies are available to prove health claims associated with the use of Flos Sophorae extract, many experts say that the studies on animal subjects which show potential uses are sufficient to justify supplementation. Flos Sophorae extract is not, however, approved by the US-FDA as of yet as a treatment for any kind of disorder. It is only preventive in nature and must be used with caution among patients who are already suffering from serious medical conditions. Flos Sophorae extract supplementation is advisable among middle-age adults and those who are approaching the elderly stage of life.

What are the benefits of using Flos Sophorae extract?

Taking Flos Sophorae extract supplements may boost health and promote wellness. The following are some of the other benefits of using Flos Sophorae extract supplements:

  • It may help prevent and treat hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are among the most uncomfortable health conditions involving the circulatory system. Studies show that Flos Sophorae extract supplementation may reduce hemorrhoid risk and prevent its progression. It may be used along with topical treatments prescribed by physicians.

  • It has anti-adipogenic effects

Anti-adipogenic compounds in Flos Sophorae extract help prevent fat formation, thereby preventing onset of obesity and overweight conditions among individual patients. This health benefit is quite useful among modern day individuals who are at risk for obesity.

  • It may lower blood sugar levels

Another study on Flos Sophorae extract shows that it may help lower blood sugar, which means that it may be used in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. Experts say that this health benefit is still subject to in-depth clinical researches.


Using Flos Sophorae extract in health supplement formulations is advantageous among modern-day individual users. It is very helpful in preventing lifestyle-associated conditions, as well as in controlling cancer cell growth.

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