Folic acid: The Number One Solution for Birth Defects

Folic acid

Folic acid: The Number One Solution for Birth Defects

The many vital functions of Folic acid in the human body have long been established under modern medical research. One of the most important functions of the compound is to prevent various birth defects which are brought about by different causative factors. Pregnant women are usually prescribed with certain doses of Folic acid so as to prevent birth defects among fetuses. Some studies also show that Folic acid supplementation may be beneficial in treating anemia among both adults and children. It is also significant in red blood cell production, thereby influencing treatment options for reduced RBC condition or anemia. There are many other reasons why health supplement manufacturers include Folic acid in their formulations. Its inclusion is also highly recommended by physicians as it is known to promote many vital functions of the body and prevent various illnesses.

What is Folic acid?

Also known as Vitamin B9 or Folate, Folic acid is an important vitamin compound which can be taken from food sources and health supplements. In the past, experts say that Folic acid needs may be met sufficiently with diet but with the changes in lifestyle and dietary choices of modern individuals, many physicians now recommend Folic acid supplementation through nutritional supplements. One important finding on Folic acid is that it may have vital effects in the prevention of DNA replication of cancer cells. This finding is significant as it may be associated with effective cancer cell growth control. Many scientists are hoping that with the discovery of this effect in Folic acid, various forms of cancer may be prevented, including non-tumor forming cancers. The association between Folic acid and cancer growth is still being subjected to deeper studies but it has already been proven under quantitative researches. Folic acid may safely be used for purposes of supplementation among individuals of various ages but it must be used within recommended doses only.

What are the benefits of using Folic acid?

Taking Folic acid in health supplement forms provide many benefits which include the following:

  • It may help control blood pressure

Studies show that Folic acid supplementation for long periods of time may help reduce blood pressure and prevent hypertensive states. This finding has been established among actual human quantitative researches recently conducted.

  • It may prevent strokes and myocardial infarction

Conditions which result from increased blood pressure may also be prevented with Folic acid supplementation as it is a well-known BP controlling agent. However, Folic acid may not directly treat stroke symptoms.

  • It may treat folate deficiency-associated conditions

Many conditions including ulcerative colitis and liver dysfunction are associated with folate deficiency. By treating folate deficiency through Folic acid supplementation, these conditions may be prevented.


Folic acid may be used both as a treatment option and a preventive measure. It is safe for use as it is generally found in food sources.

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