Folium Isatidis leaves extract: Supplement Ingredient for Better Immunity

Folium Isatidis leaves extract

Folium Isatidis leaves extract: Supplement Ingredient for Better Immunity

Although coming from the same plant species, the roots and leaves of the medicinal herb Folium Isatidis contribute varying health benefits. While the roots primarily enhance wellness by reducing pain sensation and promoting body cell detoxification, the leaves work by helping reduce fevers and preventing skin irritations which often result to skin rashes. In more recent studies, however, some experts have revealed that the health benefits associated with the use of Folium Isatidis roots may also result with the use of the plant’s leaves as they contain almost similar chemical constituents. Many manufacturers of health supplements include Folium Isatidis leaves extract in their formulations as extraction procedure involving this part is simpler. The leaves may also yield higher extract as compared to other parts, making it accessible for formulations. Folium Isatidis leaves extract are generally useful in many aspects of health promotion.

What is Folium Isatidis leaves extract?

Folium Isatidis is also known in the field of alternative medicine as Radix Isatidis. It is an indigo plant having documented benefits since the early centuries. It is said to be effective against fevers, common colds, respiratory tract infections and other diseases associated with increased microorganism levels in the body. While some experts say that it works against these common disorders by enhancing immune system responses, a greater proportion of the medical field believe that it works by controlling microbial growth and its spread in the body cells. Advanced studies also show that the active compounds of the extract may be effective in treating infections of the brain which often result to fatal consequences. There are many claims associated with Folium Isatidis leaves extract supplementation but most of these are still subject to confirmatory researches.

What are the benefits of using Folium Isatidis leaves extract?

In the field of alternative medicine, Folium Isatidis leaves extract is recognized to contribute the following health benefits:

  • It may prevent prostate cancer

Prostate cancer may be prevented with Folium Isatidis leaves extract supplementation as observed in certain quantitative researches. Experts are currently conducting researches to determine the effects of Folium Isatidis leaves extract against other types of cancers.

  • It may control inflammation

Excessive inflammation may result to serious health effects. It may be controlled with Folium Isatidis leaves extract supplementation as the compounds found in the extract are observed to have anti-inflammatory effects.

  • It may promote detoxification

Experts also believe that doses of Folium Isatidis leaves extract may help promote detoxification, thereby preventing many diseases associated with excessive toxins in body cells.


Like many other health supplement ingredients, Folium Isatidis leaves extract is not yet recognized as a medicine component. It is believed, however, to work in health promotion.

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