Forsythia extract: Blood Pressure-lowering Antibacterial Agent

Forsythia extract

Forsythia extract: Blood Pressure-lowering Antibacterial Agent

When left untreated, many respiratory tract conditions including bronchiolitis and ordinary sore throat can result to serious medical conditions which can endanger the life of individual patients. Many of these respiratory conditions have been treated by early alternative medicine practitioners with the use of fruit extracts including Forsythia extract. Many experts say that the possible pharmacodynamic function of Forsythia extract when it comes to improving respiratory function involves the reduction of inflammation in the lung passages. There is, however, limited evidence as to this claim as there are no actual qualitative studies yet conducted on the human beings. With the discovery of the effects of Forsythia extract in respiratory health, many manufacturers of health supplements have developed formulations which include the extract. Modern clinical studies also show that Forsythia extract may provide other health benefits affecting body organs.

What is Forsythia extract?

Also known as Golden bells plant, Forsythia is among the most popular alternative treatments for various bacterial infections. It grows prevalently across China and other Asian regions with its fruit primarily being used in medicine formulations. Studies show that the health supplement ingredient Forsythia extract contains tons of micronutrients which are essential in the maintenance of vital bodily processes. These nutrients include Lignans, Caffeic acid glycosides and Triterpenes. Animal data studies have been shown several potential health uses of Forsythia extract which include anti-emetic and anti-inflammatory benefits. Forsythia extract is also included with other essential health compounds and herbal extracts to provide synergistic effects when introduced to the human body.

Health benefits of using Forsythia extract

The use of Forsythia extract in health supplement formulations is generally safe and effective except in cases of excessive doses. Regular intake of Forsythia extract supplements may provide the following health benefits:

  • It may help prevent acne formation

Acne develops with the interplay of hormonal imbalances, excessive oil production of the sebaceous glands and the growth of microorganisms in the skin. Many studies show that Forsythia extract supplementation helps control oil production and prevent excessive growth of bacteria in the surface of the skin. This health effect directly results to prevention of acne formation.

  • It may improve cardiovascular function

A certain compound found in Forsythia extract known as Oleanolic acid is also found to enhance cardiovascular strength and lower blood pressure. Since this claim involves a vital organ system, no qualitative studies have yet been conducted to confirm it.

  • It has antipyretic effects

As a useful treatment for bacterial infection, Forsythia extract is also said to be quite beneficial as an antipyretic agent. Forsythia extract effectively lowers fever among patients who are suffering from flu and other infection-associated hyperthermias.


Many experts highly recommend Forsythia extract supplementation for its many health uses. Confirmatory studies are also being conducted to fully establish the claims.

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