Fructus anisi stellate extract: A Natural Booster for Sports Performance

Fructus anisi stellate extract

Fructus anisi stellate extract: A Natural Booster for Sports Performance

For thousands of years, the fruit of Illicium verum or Star Anise is used in the making of several herbal medicines as it is observed to promote wellness in various ways. Many of the much acclaimed benefits of Fructus anisi stellate extract, or the fruit of star anise, has been confirmed in modern qualitative and quantitative researches and many more are currently being subjected to in-depth clinical studies. In the field of culinary, Fructus anisi stellate is also used as flavoring. The oil of star anise is also widely used in the field of perfumery, as well as in cosmetics production and development. When taken in the form of health supplements, Fructus anisi stellate extract is said to enhance health from the inside of the body and out. It is also safe and effective for use as no health risks are reported to be associated with its use.

What is Fructus anisi stellate extract?

Fructus anisi stellate extract refers to the health supplement ingredient derived from the fruit of star anise or Illicium verum. Extraction of the ingredient is undertaken through advanced laboratory procedures in standard laboratory set-ups. Fructus anisi stellate extract, according to phytochemical researches, yields several essential compounds which enhance bodily processes and prevent development of illnesses. It contains shikimic acid which is used in the production of medication for influenza. Fructus anisi stellate extract plant source Illicium verum should be distinguished from Illicium anisatum which is highly toxic. Unlike Illicisum anisatum, Fructus anisi stellate extract is proven safe and effective provided it is taken within recommended doses.

Health benefits of using Fructus anisi stellate extract

Taking Fructus anisi stellate extract provides a wide range of health benefits, according to modern researches. The following are among the use of the supplement ingredient:

  • It may help control cancer cell growth

The cancer prevention effects of Fructus anisi stellate extract has been the subject of many researches involving the extract. In one study conducted in 2014, experts found that the compounds found in the extract have certain effects in controlling metastatic cancer cell growth. This finding indicates that the extract may help control not only benign types of cancers but also metastatic ones.

  • It may help cure insomnia

The compounds in Fructus anisi stellate extract are also said to help cure insomnia. Studies show that it may promote relaxation of cells and prevent over-fatigue which may cause difficulty in sleeping.

  • It may enhance sports performance

Many manufacturers of sports health supplements are also considering the inclusion of Fructus anisi stellate extract in their formulations as it is shown by independent studies to prevent over exhaustion and promote sports performance. This is proven by quantitative studies.


Fructus anisi stellate extract, when combined with other herbal extracts, may also prevent Diabetes, control inflammation and reduce pain. It is quite useful among athletes, bodybuilders and those who are exposed to high levels of stress.

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