Fucoxanthin: The Brown Seaweed Pigment for Optimal Organ Function


Fucoxanthin: The Brown Seaweed Pigment for Optimal Organ Function

Seaweed structures have long been among the most mysterious yet very useful ingredients in the field of biomedicine and culinary. Although some of the species of seaweeds remain unexplored and are subjected to health studies, other species like the ordinary brown seaweeds are already exploited and studied upon for its healthy pigments and components. Among the most popular brown algae pigments which are used in health supplement formulation is Fucoxanthin. In modern health supplement field, Fucoxanthin is used primarily in the treatment of obesity and in the promotion of weight loss for various age groups. It is usually included in weight loss formulations as it is known to contain powerful compounds that promote fat burning. Scientists are also conducting studies on Fucoxanthin today as it is found on pilot studies to have potential cancer-treating benefits.

What is Fucoxanthin?

Ordinarily, Fucoxanthin is referred to as a carotenoid compound isolated from brown seaweeds. The plant source of the compound has long been used in Asian regions like Korea in the making of soups which are given to women who have just given birth to promote healing. It is also believed to have certain effects in promoting overall neurologic health as it helps ease out depression and promote healthy mood. Recently, it was also found that healthy doses of Fucoxanthin may be effective in the prevention of degenerative brain conditions and other heart ailments. Many individuals who are at risk for modern generation illnesses are also advised to take health supplements with Fucoxanthin as it promotes overall wellness through various modes of action. Fucoxanthin is also naturally-derived, giving the impression that it is generally safe for use among individuals of all ages, provided it is used within prescribed doses.

What are the benefits of using Fucoxanthin?

The health benefits of using Fucoxanthin are increasing in number as more intensive researches are being conducted involving the subject. The following are some of the benefits of using Fucoxanthin:

  • It may treat inflammation

Anti-inflammatory agents like Fucoxanthin are useful in the treatment of various inflammations in the body brought about by many different factors. Fucoxanthin has been found to treat post-exercise inflammations, making it ideal as a health supplement component in athletic supplements. Serious cases of inflammation, however, are not necessarily treated with Fucoxanthin alone.

  • It can promote organ function

Many organs in the body are shown to react positively with Fucoxanthin supplementation. In various studies, it was established that Fucoxanthin may promote liver function, eye function and even skin function. Some studies also show that it promotes brain function.

  • It promotes DHA production

DHA is a compound which is useful in the promotion of cardiovascular health in the human body. Although the patterns are not yet explored, many studies reveal that Fucoxanthin may promote DHA production.


The use of Fucoxanthin in the field of health supplement manufacture has become extensive following findings of its potential health benefits. It must be used with caution among individuals diagnosed with certain health conditions.

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