Fucoxanthin: the Potent Fat Cell-Proliferation Inhibitor


Fucoxanthin: the Potent Fat Cell-Proliferation Inhibitor

Very well associated with Weight Loss and fat burn is the brown pigment found in seaweeds and other marine sources-Fucoxanthin. For over a year, scientists have been dwelling into Fucoxanthin studies in order to fully establish the efficiency and safety of the compound in promoting weight loss. While most of these studies have failed in attaining their primary objectives, they are still considered as very useful since they have shed lights into the mysteries of the other benefits of Fucoxanthin. Experts also say that the compound can be classified as generally safe since it does not cause brain stimulation in any manner.

What is Fucoxanthin?

Fucoxanthin is typically isolated from various marine sources. It is a carotenoid compound known to give the color green or brown to algae and heterokonts. As one of the most abundant carotenoids, Fucoxanthin is currently being included in the formulation of major health supplements. Although essential for its biological contributions, Fucoxanthin and other carotenoids may easily be destroyed by gastric juices, requiring the aid of other compounds to be fully digested and absorbed by the human body.

What are the benefits of using Fucoxanthin?

As a naturally-occurring carotenoid, Fucoxanthin is not only beneficial but primarily safe. Some of the known benefits of using the compound are the following:

  • It inhibits fat cell proliferation

Most experts believe that the ability of the compound Fucoxanthin in promoting weight loss is related to the fat cell proliferation inhibitory actions of the drug. The metabolites of Fucoxanthin are absorbed and usually retained in the subcutaneous fats of the body. After absorption, Fucoxanthin interferes with the cell differentiation and proliferation, leading to reduction in fat cell growth. A single human study to this effect has already been published and sufficiently studied upon by experts.

  • It might reduce blood cholesterol levels

Diabetic patients have undergone double-blind studies involving Fucoxanthin to establish the compound’s effect in Reducing Blood Cholesterol Levels. The study has made a conclusion that the compound may reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, although the effects, as compared to patients under placebo, are not very significant. When combined with other cholesterol-reducing drugs, Fucoxanthin is believed to help treat hypercholesterolemia.

  • It may reduce appetite

Another accepted theory linked to the effects of Fucoxanthin in promoting weight loss is the appetite-suppressing action of the compound. In some way, Fucoxanthin promotes breakdown of fats, leading to the increase of blood sugar levels in the blood and the reduction of feelings of hunger. Some experts also say that Fucoxanthin may have certain effects on the brain which results to reduction in appetite.


Naturally-isolated compounds like Fucoxanthin are highly advantageous in terms of safety. With the completion of human subject studies involving the supplement, the foundation for its claimed benefits continues to be a lot stronger.

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