Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL for Metabolism

Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL

Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL for Metabolism

Precursor enzymes which function to accelerate or control certain bodily processes are vital for survival and development. Among the necessary enzymes necessary for L-carnitine biosynthesis pathway and thus important for the regulation of amino acids and the breakdown of fats in the tissues is the naturally-occurring compound Gamma Butyrobetaine. While most individuals belonging to stages below middle adulthood are shown to have adequate levels of the enzyme Gamma Butyrobetaine, studies show that elderly individuals as well as those adhering to unhealthy lifestyle have very low Gamma Butyrobetaine levels which lead to ineffective muscle cell development, fatty tissue accumulation and weight gain. Supplementation of the compound through laboratory-formulated Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL is then necessary to help prevent obesity and other risk factors associated with high fat index.

What is Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL?

Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL refers to the synthetic form of the essential enzyme Gamma Butyrobetaine produced under strict laboratory standards. Just as its naturally-occurring equivalent, the compound serves as a precursor to the production and conversion of L-carnitine in the human body. L-carnitine has several functions in terms of digestion, metabolism and fat breakdown and without its conversion through Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL in the biosynthesis process, a lot of bodily functions will be compromised.

Health benefits of using Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL

Supplements formulated with Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL can be quite beneficial for individuals of all ages. While only a few human subject studies have been conducted and completed to prove the efficiency and safety of the compound, scientists say that Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL can be categorized as generally safe. Some of the health benefits of using the compound include the following:

  • It may promote health metabolism

Healthy and effective breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and protein as well as the elimination of toxic wastes is the primary result of good metabolism. L-carnitine, through its precursor Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL, is one of the essential chemicals involved in the process of metabolism. Keeping Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL levels within normal ranges helps maintain L-carnitine levels, thus promoting healthy metabolism.

  • It promotes lean muscle development

The compound Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL is usually included in the formulation of bodybuilding health supplements as it is proven to help promote lean muscle development among mice subjects. Experts say that the compound enhances elimination of subcutaneous fats which hinder effective muscle growth. Regular dose of Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL is believed to promote long-term lean muscle development.

  • It may prevent lifestyle-related disorders

Conditions like atherosclerosis, Diabetes Mellitus and cirrhosis are classified as lifestyle-associated and are mainly associated with ineffective metabolism. Studies show that these conditions can be prevented through effective metabolism brought about by the introduction of Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL supplements.


Including Gamma Butyrobetaine HCL supplements in the regular diet can help maintain healthy metabolism. Doctor’s advice is necessary, however, among patients already suffering from lifestyle-related conditions.

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