Gamma Oryzanol: Is A Compound Anti-Obesity Agent with Antioxidant Properties

Gamma Oryzanol

Gamma Oryzanol: Is A Compound Anti-Obesity Agent with Antioxidant Properties

The fast-rising compound Gamma Oryzanol has been in the field of alternative medicine for decades but it is only now that scientists have finally discovered its amazing health benefits. According to historical studies, Gamma Oryzanol was long used in Japan as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is very useful in the control of inflammation-associated conditions involving vital body parts such as the joints and muscles and even specific body organs. It is also used in strengthening muscles and preventing rapid deterioration of bones due to various factors. Today, many health supplement manufacturers include Gamma Oryzanol in their formulations for its varying health benefits. In terms of safety, experts say that Gamma Oryzanol may be used safely without risks, except among patients who are suffering from metabolic conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus. Patients with serious illnesses may take Gamma Oryzanol provided that consultation with physician is first obtained.

What is Gamma Oryzanol?

The health supplement ingredient Gamma Oryzanol is a beneficial compound isolated from Rice bran oil. Aside from its powerful anti-inflammatory effects, Gamma Oryzanol is useful in the field of alternative medicine as it has certain effects in reducing cholesterol levels. Long-term Gamma Oryzanol supplementation reduces risk for various cholesterol-associated conditions such as atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. It may also reduce risk for other cardiovascular conditions such as Coronary Artery Disease or CAD and Myocardial Infarction. Lowered cholesterol levels resulting from Gamma Oryzanol supplementation may also reduce risk for Type II Diabetes Mellitus or the DM type associated with accumulation of fatty substances in the key receptors of body cells. Despite its existence in the field of alternative medicine for decades, the many benefits of Gamma Oryzanol are not yet fully proven and are still subject to confirmatory studies. Many experts say, however, that these claims are almost acceptable under medical practice standards.

What are the benefits of using Gamma Oryzanol?

The many benefits of using Gamma Oryzanol have been published in several medical websites. The following are among the benefits of Gamma Oryzanol supplementation:

  1. It may combat signs of aging

Gamma Oryzanol is also said to possess antioxidant effects. As a potential antioxidant agent, scientists believe that Gamma Oryzanol may be used in combating signs of aging in the skin which include wrinkling and appearance of dark spots.

  1. It may reduce obesity risks

In one study, experts have established that Gamma Oryzanol effectively blocks dopamine receptors in the brain. This effect results to reduction of preference to high-fat diet, thereby preventing obesity in an indirect manner.

  1. It may inhibit tumor growth

Experts have also found that Gamma Oryzanol may be useful in increasing production of natural killer cells in the body. This results to prevention of tumor growth.


Gamma Oryzanol is a compound used as an antioxidant and an agent against obesity. It is effective for individuals of all ages but must be used with physician’s advice among very young patients.

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