Giant Knotweed extract: Human Healers

Giant Knotweed extract

Giant Knotweed extract: Human Healers

Loaded with several phytonutrients and antioxidant compounds, experts are currently looking into means on how to develop cancer treatment options with the quite interesting Giant Knotweed extract. Originally carried from several regions of China and Japan into Great Britain and other Western countries for ornamentation, Giant Knotweed became a popular subject for medical researches following discoveries of its high contents of Resveratrol. Although belonging to the classification of knotweeds in general, chemical researches show that the nutrient content of Giant Knotweed extract is much higher than species belonging to the same category, making it the unique knotweed for head to toe treatments.

What is Giant Knotweed extract?

Giant Knotweed extract is typically extracted from the invasive rhizome of the Giant Knotweed herb. In the early days, prior to the discovery of its potential medicinal benefits, horticulturists kill the roots as it occupies a lot of space in the soil and usually chokes other surrounding herbs. The once-renowned as a plant killer has now become a human healer and is now a major component of several health supplement brands formulated for individuals of all ages.

Health Benefits of using Giant Knotweed extract

From ordinary headaches to the most severe types of conditions such as cancers, experts say that Giant Knotweed extract may provide an efficient solution. There are no clinical studies fully establishing the pharmacodynamic patterns of Giant Knotweed extract as well as its active components but due to the overwhelming number of quantitative studies involving the extract, experts say that Giant Knotweed extract’s efficiency is very evident.

Some of the health benefits of using the extract include the following:

  1. It may improve blood circulation

Resveratrol which is found in large amounts in Giant Knotweed extract is a well-known compound which enhances blood circulation and prevents fat molecules accumulation in the blood vessels. The compound also improves cardiac health by maintaining heart function through effective maintenance. Experts say, however, that Giant Knotweed extract may not provide massive benefits among patients suffering from serious cardiovascular conditions involving abnormal anatomical structures.

  1. It may enhance detoxification

Antioxidant compounds found in Giant Knotweed extract are also recognized as potential helpers for effective detoxification as they help carry undigested toxic compounds in the body and eliminate the through various excretory patterns. Detoxification promotes overall wellness and it clears cells from unwanted wastes and prevents metabolic changes brought about by toxic chemicals in the body.

3.It may promote weight loss

There is very little understanding as to the potential effects of Giant Knotweed extract in promoting weight loss among obese and overweigh individuals but normal individuals seeking to lose weight through Giant Knotweed extract and healthy diet are shown to yield positive effects. The resveratrol content of the extract which is believed to increase fat oxidation is believed to be responsible for the action.


Natural Resveratrol and phytonutrient sources like Giant Knotweed extract may provide a lot of health benefits to humans. Clinical studies to prove the claims are nonetheless necessary.

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