Ginseng Extract: The Peculiar Health Enhancer

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng Extract: The Peculiar Health Enhancer

Prevalent in most Asian and North American regions, Ginseng has long been a significant component of medicine and culinary fields. While Western modern medicine have not fully accepted the efficiency of the Ginseng extract in promoting body wellness due to insufficient concrete proof as to its mechanisms of action, other fields of medicine have already considered ginseng as among the most powerful medicinal sources. Ginseng extract is said to contain several active ingredients which promote digestive health, cardiovascular function, and even reproductive dysfunctions. With intensive clinical researches and deeper laboratory tests, scientists are hoping to find an explanation as to how ginseng extracts work.

What is ginseng extract?

Ginseng extract refers to the substances isolated from various species of the ginseng family. There are over ten sub-classifications of ginseng recognized by modern science but some other experts in the field of alternative medicine recognize other sub-species as within the ginseng category. The use of ginseng both as a culinary ingredient and a medicinal plant waves back to as far as the 16th Century. It was only in the recent years, however, when scientists have developed methods to isolate ginseng extract and include them in the formulation of health supplements. Even in the absence of pharmacodynamics images, a lot of ginseng extract users have reported benefits on regular compound supplementation.

What are the benefits of using ginseng extract?

Taking supplements with ginseng extract can be beneficial especially among adult individuals diagnosed with medical conditions in the early stages. Experts emphasize, however, that patients suffering from serious health problems must seek physician’s consultation prior to using ginseng extract supplements. Some of the known benefits of using ginseng extract are the following:

  1. It can Boost Mental Function

In a study conducted in the Medical School of Nantong University in China, it was found that ginseng extract can contribute to improvement of cognitive function, behaviour and even quality of life. Ginseng extract can be beneficial to elderly individuals since the compound can help treat cognitive decline manifestations symptomatically. There is, however, no showing on the effect of ginseng extract in reversing the effects of progressive nerve cell degeneration.

  1. It helps Improve Mood

Some research profiles have also shown that ginseng extract may help improve mood among depressive patients as it targets neurotransmitter Serotonin when taken orally in the both solid and liquid forms. Ginseng extract helps stimulate Serotonin production to keep the patient emotionally stable.

  1. It may help fight off cancer

Even after decades and centuries of finding treatment for cancer, experts are left in the dark as disease remains to be an incurable one. Several studies, however, have shown that various compounds like ginseng extract can help fight off cancer and prevent their development by eliminating toxic chemicals and free radicals in the body cells.


The field of alternative medicine also believes that ginseng can help treat various respiratory system disorders, bleeding conditions and skin diseases. While question remains on how ginseng extract exactly works, experts and even actual users already say that it is quite effective.

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