Glabridin – Metabolism-enhancing Compound


Glabridin – Metabolism-enhancing Compound

The skin lightening effects of Licorice extract, a well-known ingredient of beautifying health supplements, is said to be brought about by its Glabridin content. Although the use of Glabridin itself in health supplement formulations is highly advisable, there are still limited studies available to prove its health effects.  Many manufacturers of health supplements prefer to use Glabridin in formulations as it is not shown to result to long-term serious health effects. For purposes of skin lightening and overall enhancement of integumentary system, Glabridin can be used for long periods of time without associated risks. Modern researches also show many other benefits of Glabridin among both young and old individuals and since it is derived from natural sources, there are no serious adverse effects of using the compound.

What is Glabridin?

Glabridin is a compound mostly isolated from European licorice. It is classified as an isoflavonoid which is associated with various health benefits when introduced in the human body. Claims on the potential effects of Glabridin in cancer prevention have long been established but experts are still looking into the exact mode of action of the compound. Independent studies also show that Glabridin is specifically effective against hormone-associated cancers which include reproductive system cancers in both men and women. Some disorders associated with imbalances of hormones, especially female hormones, are also said to be treated with Glabridin supplementation. Elderly women who are suffering from osteoporosis as well as those who are at high risk for developing the condition are advised to take Glabridin supplements to prevent complications of the condition.

What are the health benefits of using Glabridin supplements?

Taking Glabridin supplements may also provide other health benefits affecting other organ systems of the human body. Scientific researches show that Glabridin is helpful in providing the following health benefits:

  • It may help regulate metabolism

Healthy metabolism promotes effective absorption of nutrients and supplication of energy sources. It is also associated with the prevention of various lifestyle-associated health conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus Type II. Researches show that Glabridin supplementation may have certain effects in regulating metabolism and increasing energy levels in body cells.

  • It has neuroprotective effects

As an isoflavonoid, Glabridin is also believed to help protect brain cells from damaging factors such as free radicals. Glabridin promotes detoxification of neurons as the elimination of toxic compounds in other body cells. Through its neuroprotective effects, Glabridin is said to prevent development of Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative brain conditions.

  • It enhances immune system function

Among the latest findings on Glabridin show that it may enhance overall immunity as it supports the function of immune system organs. The findings are, however, subject to deeper studies.


Glabridin is an effective health supplement ingredient for overall enhanced wellness. It is derived from natural sources and is not associated with serious risks.

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