Glucuronolactone: The Liver-friendly Energy Enhancer


Glucuronolactone: The Liver-friendly Energy Enhancer

To be an effective and fully-functional athlete, one must have sufficient energy sources not only during a game or two but throughout the entire day. To meet this goal, many experts recommend athletes and body-builders to include in their health supplement intakes those dietary supplements which contain relative amounts of Glucuronolactone in their formulations. For years, experts have been conducting studies on the compound Glucuronolactone and its potential benefits and side effects when introduced in the human body. Although the compound is naturally-occurring in many body tissues, especially connective tissues, as well as in body organs, the synthetically-formulated Glucuronolactone which is included in health supplement formulations is not completely safe when taken in excessive doses. Taking Glucuronolactone within dosages recommended by experts can be very helpful in improving overall health, wellness and energy levels among athletes and those individuals who need high levels of energy throughout the day.

What is Glucuronolactone?

The compound Glucuronolactone is found naturally in the human body. It plays a vital role in the metabolism process happening in the human liver. Although experts are still trying to fully determine how supplementation of the compound through diet and health supplements may improve Glucuronolactone’s efficiency, many quantitative studies have already proven that Glucuronolactone is beneficial to individual users. Many researchers say that Glucuronolactone is very important in assisting the liver detoxify the blood and cleans the body from impurities. This benefit results to a lot of indirect health benefits, such as prevention of cancer cell growth through reduction of rates for cellular genetic changes. Glucuronolactone also helps improve liver function as it reduces strain on the organ system and prevents its destruction. Glucuronolactone is safe for use in general but it should not be taken in excessive doses to prevent overdose side effects.

What are the benefits of using Glucuronolactone?

Taking health supplements with Glucuronolactone is beneficial not only for athletes and bodybuilders but also for adults who are engaged in stressful lifestyles. The following are among the other benefits of using Glucuronolactone:

  1. It improves physical and mental performance

Increasing energy levels through Glucuronolactone supplementation result to immediate improvement in physical and mental performance. This has been observed in many clinical studies involving Glucuronolactone.

  1. It improves hormonal production

Glucuronolactone may also improve hormonal release and production in the body by improving overall liver function. The claim is still subject to studies and is currently being confirmed through health studies across the globe.

  1. It may improve body-building efforts

Bodybuilders who take relative amounts of Glucuronolactone also say that their effort to improve muscle strength and size has paid off well when they took the compound. The claim is only shown under quantitative studies


Glucuronolactone may be taken by athletes and bodybuilders to increase energy levels. It must not be taken by pregnant and lactating women without consultation from their physician.

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