Glycyrrhizic acid: A Natural Sweetener with Potent Anti-inflammatory Properties

Glycyrrhizic acid a natural sweetener

Glycyrrhizic acid: A Natural Sweetener with Potent Anti-inflammatory Properties

Glycyrrhizic acid is a modern-day dietary supplement ingredient known to play vital roles in protecting various cells in the body including neurons and liver cells. Recent researches also show that it has effects in modulating certain enzymes associated with oxidative stress.

What is Glycyrrhizic acid?

Also known as Glycyrrhizin and Glycyrrhizinic acid, Glycyrrhizic acid is a beneficial structural saponin which is a basic constituent of Glycyrrhiza glabra or licorice root. The compound is primarily responsible for the sweet taste of its plant source and has been widely used across Japan and adjacent countries as a hepatoprotective agent. The use of the compound as a food sweetener has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2014 as it is found to be sweeter by up to 50 times than sucrose.

The compound is also known for its trade names Epigen and Glycyron. It is identified as having CAS number 1405-86-3. The molecular formula of Glycyrrhizic acid is C42H62O16 and its molecular weight is 822.942 g/mol. It has a whitish powder appearance and is generally soluble in water.

Glycyrrhizic acid and Licorice Root Extract

Licorice Root Extract has long been used in ancient medicine as a treatment for various medical conditions. Its main constituent which is believed to be primarily responsible for its effectiveness is Glycyrrhizic acid. Through modern laboratory procedures, Glycyrrhizic acid is obtained from Licorice Root Extract and included in the formulation of modern dietary supplement products.

Glycyrrhizic acid forms and specifications

There are several Glycyrrhizic acid forms available in the market for dietary supplement formulations. These include Glycyrrhizic acid powder 7%, Glycyrrhizic acid A powder 95%, Glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt, Disodium Glycyrrhizinate 60% or 99%, and Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate 75% or 98%. These forms are generally sold in bulk by legit ingredient suppliers. Depending on the client or customer’s preference, the product can be packed in paper drums and two layers of poly bags inside. Packing for 1 kilogram and 25 kilograms are also available.

In terms of health effects, the benefits associated with the use of these varying forms are similar.

Glycyrrhetinic acid vs Glycyrrhizic acid

Glycyrrhetinic acid is a hydrolytic product of Glycyrrhizic acid. When ingested orally, Glycyrrhizic acid is converted into Glycyrrhetinic acid which is the active form of the compound. The bioavailability of the compound is generally low after its absorption in the gut.

How does Glycyrrhizic acid work?

There are several ways by which the compound Glycyrrhizic acid works in the human body. In one study, experts have found that Glycyrrhizic acid may inhibit cell growth and prevent cancer through the inhibition of HMGB1. It may also work as an anti-inflammatory agent by interfering in the release and inhibition of some enzymes responsible for the said natural response. It is also believed that the compound works to protect liver cells by inhibiting hepatic apoptosis.

Glycyrrhizic acid benefits

The compound Glycyrrhizic acid may provide several health benefits to individual users. These include the following:

It acts as a natural sweetener

Natural sweeteners like Glycyrrhizic acid are useful as they satisfy individual user’s desire for sweetness but without the associated side effects of using ordinary sugar. Glycyrrhizic acid has been accepted by the Food and Drug Association as a natural sweetener and is used in several countries across the globe as such.

It works against cold sore

Cold sores or fever blisters are viral infections that affect both adults and children. It is commonly caused by Herpes Simplex Virus 1. According to researches, the compound Glycyrrhizic acid may work against the viral causative agent of cold sores. It may also help relieve symptoms through its anti-inflammatory properties.

It may be used as a cosmetic product ingredient

In the field of cosmetic product production, Glycyrrhizic acid and its active form Glycyrrhetinic acid are used in the formulation of make-ups, skincare, and other personal hygiene products. Based on clinical researches, the compound may reduce flaking and improve the suppleness of the skin. It may also prevent skin drying. Individual users of cosmetic products containing Glycyrrhizic acid have also reported improvement in their overall skin appearance. 

Other health benefits

Recent studies on Glycyrrhizic acid show that it may work as an antioxidant compound. This means that it may be useful in cleansing body cells from toxic compounds which have accumulated in the interstitial spaces. It may also help slow down rapid cellular degeneration brought about by circulating free radicals and oxidative stress.

The compound is also believed to be beneficial among patients with hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. It may also be useful among diabetic patients as it possesses antihyperglycemic properties.

Glycyrrhizic acid side effects

The majority of studies show that Glycyrrhizic acid supplementation and its use in cosmetic products are not associated with side effects. Nonetheless, some individual users have reported the development of mild gastrointestinal tract symptoms which include nausea and stomachache during the first few doses.

While no severe adverse effects are necessarily associated with Glycyrrhizic acid supplementation, health practitioners advise individual users to consult their physicians immediately if unusual symptoms affecting the cardiovascular and respiratory system occur.

Glycyrrhizic acid dosage

In most studies, the recommended daily dose for safe Glycyrrhizic acid supplementation is 10mg per day among adults. However, the recommended dose may change depending on the individual user’s age, weight, and overall physical condition.

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