Glycyrrhizic acid: An Essential Compound for Psychological Stress

Glycyrrhizic acid

When taken in very large quantities, studies show that the essential compound found in Licorice known as Glycyrrhizic acid can cause severe complications affecting various organ systems. The compound is very useful, however, when taken in regulated doses through health supplementation as it is proven to thin mucus secretions, thereby improving respiration, and increase production of enzymes and bodily chemicals which enhance healing rate of ulcerations. Many pilot studies are currently being conducted following discoveries that the compound Glycyrrhizic acid may also have certain benefits in neurotransmitter production and enhancement of cognition. Although quite useful, experts warn individuals to take Glycyrrhizic acid only in small doses to ensure safety and efficiency, especially among individuals who are suffering from certain health conditions.

What is Glycyrrhizic acid?

Glycyrrhizic acid is the main component responsible for most of the health benefits associated with the use of Licorice. It is a saponin-like compound which, according to certain studies, produces the sweet flavor of the edible herb Licorice. The plant source of Glycyrrhizic acid is prevalent in various regions across Russia and Asia. It is also cultivated in European regions as it is claimed to be quite beneficial whether taken in its raw or processed form. Glycyrrhizic acid is primarily effective in controlling microorganismic growth as proven by several health studies. It is efficient against several strains of bacteria and some forms of viruses. When included in the formulation of modern health supplements, Glycyrrhizic acid is also believed to promote brain health.

Other health uses of Glycyrrhizic acid

There are many other uses of Glycyrrhizic acid, although most of the claims are not yet fully proven through qualitative researches. Experts say that the compound may provide the following health benefits as well:

  1. It may help cure depression

Depression, as a mental health condition, affects a great proportion of the modern society. Although it has varieties of causes, experts say that the cure for the disease is almost the same. In one medical research, clinical practitioners observed that individuals who take doses of Glycyrrhizic acid have lesser risk for developing depression. Those who are also suffering from the disease began manifesting signs of treatment with Glycyrrhizic acid supplementation.

  1. It helps improve stress responses

The compound Glycyrrhizic acid is also shown to help regulate production of hormones in the adrenal glands. Adrenal hormones are responsible for regulation of responses of the body when it comes to exposure to stress. Experts suggest that Glycyrrhizic acid may also be used in improving the body’s responses to stress.

  1. It may enhance female fertility

The exact association between Glycyrrhizic acid and fertility is not yet fully known but it is believed that the compound may help enhance fertility among women who are suffering from hormonal imbalances. The mechanism of action to this effect is not yet known.


Although quite useful, experts warn against excessive use of Glycyrrhizic acid. Qualitative studies are also being conducted to fully prove the health uses of the compound.


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