Gout Supplement Ingredients: What Should You Be Taking?

gout supplement ingredients

Gout Supplement Ingredients: What Should You Be Taking?

When we think of gout, the stereotype is that it’s an ancient disease – that of the upper classes; the mind may drift toward chronicled figures who suffered from it, like Henry VIII or Benjamin Franklin.

However, despite being consigned to the history books, gout is coming back. It’s the most common form of inflammatory arthritis. Its prevalence has doubled in the last 30 years, with the most striking rise in males 30-40, who went from 25.2 cases per 100,000 people in 1992 to 120.7 in 2010.

Gout is caused by the body breaking down purines – chemical compounds in food – into uric acid. Excesses of uric acid can cause painful flare-ups in joints. The causes can be genetic – in seven-time NBA All-Star Alonzo Mourning’s case, rare kidney disease was the catalyst. However, for most, gout comes with purines sourced from your diet – notably foods high in them, like red meat, processed sugar, and alcohol. Only the nobility had access to such luxuries in Henry VIII’s day. Now our supermarket shelves are packed with them.

Nowadays, people manage their condition with a low purine diet, which includes more fresh fruits and vegetables, with plenty of water and skim milk to flush uric acid out. Although, some supplements may also help to alleviate symptoms. And here are some ideas to help you treat gout.

What Ingredients Be Added To Supplements Are Good For Gout?

  • Anti-inflammatories

On a low-purine diet, certain kinds of seafood and shellfish should be excluded, including sardines and herring, which would generally be used as a great natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These can reduce inflammation and the joint pain of a gout flare-up. Two fish oil capsules or a teaspoon of fish oil daily can supplement without sacrifice. Omega-6’s can also help decrease inflammation and can be found in evening primrose oil, commonly available in capsule form. While blackcurrant oil is more commonly touted as an eczema reliever, it’s very high in gamma-linolenic acid, simply called GLA, which can also limit joint inflammation.

At its worst, gout can bring with it tophi – small white lumps of uric acid under the skin, which can cause bone erosion. Zocdoc reports one study found that 44% of patients with tophaceous gout also had bone erosions, leading to joints being unable to function properly.

  • Plant panaceas

In the floral domain, cherries have been linked to success in preventing gout pain. A 2012 study found that eating over ten cherries every day can halve the risk of recurrent gout attacks. However, cherries can be seasonal (and expensive). A further study found similar effects from a tablespoon of tart cherry extract taken twice daily. Sorbus extract is sourced from rowan berries, which aren’t commonly available fresh whatsoever due to their unpleasant bitterness. It can promote the detoxification of uric acid and could enhance metabolism. As weight control is an essential part of reducing the debilitating effects of gout, both benefits are welcome.

  • Get your vitamins

Sorbus’ high vitamin C content could be another way it’s a winner. A 2009 study showed that men with adequate Vitamin C were less likely to get gout, which can reduce uric acid levels. Taking a supplement is preferable to drinking sugary fruit juice as part of a weight management regimen. Some vitamins do not play well with gout – niacin (Vitamin B3) and Vitamin A have been shown to increase symptoms, so if electing for a multivitamin, check those levels carefully. Folic acid has long been proscribed (and prescribed) during pregnancy, and it’s thought to break down homocysteine – hyper-homocysteinemia may indicate the presence of inflammation.

Gout can be a painful condition and requires lifestyle and medical management to exert control over it. Talk to your healthcare provider before embarking on any course of supplements, even if available over the counter.


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