Green Coffee Bean: Healthier Way of Supplementation

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean: Healthier Way of Supplementation

The compound caffeine found in coffee as well as in several beverages is proven to promote weight loss through healthy and effective mechanisms of action. In order to optimize weight loss results, however, a group of experts made a suggestion that instead of subjecting the coffee beans to the process of roasting, directly performing extraction procedures may help retain more of the compounds necessary for weight loss and other health benefits. True enough, in a separate study conducted, green coffee bean extract is shown to yield higher quantities of Caffeine as well as Chlorogenic acid when compared to the ordinary black coffee extract.

What is Green Coffee Bean extract?

Green Coffee Bean extract is one of the greatest discoveries of the current generation which has taken the attention not only of experts but also of many weight loss enthusiasts from all over the world. As its very name suggests, the extract is taken from fresh and green coffee beans which have not undergone roasting on the theory that roasting or exposure to high temperatures destroy several antioxidants and weight loss-promoting agents found in coffee. Numerous studies have already been conducted to support the claim, which justifies the inclusion of Green Coffee Bean extract in the formulation of several dietary supplements.

Health benefits of using Green Coffee Bean extract

Green Coffee Bean extract supplementation provides the following benefits to individual users:

  • It enhances metabolism

Several theories have been formulated over the years to establish certain patterns on how Green Coffee Bean extract enhances metabolism and promote weight loss. One study suggests that high levels of Chlorogenic Acid found in the extract stimulate bile release by the liver which thereby promotes fat breakdown and elimination. The compound Chlorogenic Acid is also claimed to control blood sugar levels and prevent cholesterol absorption by the body cells.

  • It may lower blood pressure

Some of the chemicals found in Green Coffee Bean extract are also shown to help lower blood pressure by promoting vasodilation or the widening of blood vessels. In another study, experts concluded that the ability of the extract to eliminate fat molecules which have accumulated in the lumen of blood vessels may help contribute to blood pressure-lowering capabilities of Green Coffee Bean extract. There is, however, a possibility for contradictory claims as caffeine found in coffee is generally associated with hypertension.

  • It has antioxidant properties

There are several antioxidants other than Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid which were proven to be present in large quantities in every mL of Green Coffee Bean extract. These antioxidants help maintain several essential bodily processes including detoxification and effective elimination. The antioxidant properties of Green Coffee Bean extract is also shown to help lower risks for developing cancers of various types.


Dietary supplements containing Green Coffee Bean extract are more than just weight loss agents. Along with cancer prevention and Diabetes Mellitus control, overall fitness generally entails Green Coffee Bean extract use.

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