Guggulsterone 98% for Optimum Metabolic and Cardiovascular Healths


Guggulsterone 98% for Optimum Metabolic and Cardiovascular Healths

Aside from seeds, leaves and roots, there have been several studies supporting the claim that phytonutrients may also be found in plant resins. The Gulgul plant, a small tree prevalent in the Northern Indian region, is one of the richest sources of resin phytonutrient known as Guggulsterone. As peculiar as the name of the compound may be, experts say that the number of health benefits associated with Guggulsterone supplementation is not at all odd. Guggulsterone can be a very useful compound not only for individuals who are at very high risk for developing cardiovascular and metabolic disorders due to unhealthy lifestyle but also for those who seek bodybuilding benefits.

What is Guggulsterone?

Guggulsterone is a plant steroid which does not cause dangerous side effects associated with the synthetically-formulated steroid medications. Just as ordinary steroids, however, the benefits of Guggulsterone mainly involve the musculoskeletal system with some effects on the metabolism process and fat breakdown. While steroidal drugs have long been used under strict physician monitoring due to risks of immune system shut-down, plant resin steroids like Guggulsterone do not interfere with the function of the immune system, but instead, at certain points, enhance immunity and resistance.

Health Benefits of using Guggulsterone

Health supplement formulations with Guggulsterone as the main component usually adopt various compound concentrations. In a study, it was shown that Guggulsterone 98% is probably the best ratio as it is neither dangerous nor ineffective. Some of the health benefitsof Guggulsterone 98% are the following:

  • It may reduce low-density lipoprotein or LDL levels

Not all forms of cholesterol in the body are dangerous. Onlylow-density lipoprotein or LDL’s, also known as bad cholesterol, produce harmful effects by blocking key receptors in the membranes of the cells and accumulating in the layers of blood vessels. Since its discovery, Guggulsterone has been claimed to reduce bad cholesterol levels among individuals suffering from hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia. Although there are no concrete clinical evidences yet to establish such claim, a lot of experts believe in the efficiency of the compound, thus making it a good health supplement component.

  • It may support weight loss

Other than reducing cholesterol levels and preventing fat build up in the subcutaneous body layers, scientists say that Guggulsterone may have contributory effects in  weight loss at it possesses some thyroid-stimulating hormone benefits. The thyroid-stimulating hormone or TSH is a naturally-occurring hormone which stimulates the production of thyroid hormones. An increase in TSH levels through Guggulsterone supplementation leads to increased metabolism rate and fat breakdown.

  • It may promote lean muscle development

Guggulsterone is also believed to indirectly promote lean muscle development among individuals as a result of effective weight loss and TSH increase. Bodybuilders are advised to take Guggulsterone instead steroids as it is generally safe and effective.


Guggulsterone is a surprisingly effective compound. Although it was never intended to be studied upon for its weight loss effects, it was later discovered and now promoted as such.

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