Gynostemma extract: An Adaptogenic Agent for Longer Life

Gynostemma extract

Gynostemma extract: An Adaptogenic Agent for Longer Life

Adaptogenic herbs like Gynostemma help strengthen overall stamina and prevent stress build-up among individuals who are subjected to high levels of stressors. As an adaptogenic herb, many manufacturers of health supplements have developed the idea of using Gynostemma extract in formulations as it is associated with many health benefits. Many studies show that Gynostemma extract contains saponin compounds and ginsenosides which provide health benefits similar to ginseng and herbs belonging to the same classification. Althogh the exact health uses of Gynostemma extract in humans are not yet fully known due to lack of actual qualitative researches, many experts believe that the claims associated with its use can be backed by concrete evidences upon completion of modern health studies.

What is Gynostemma extract?

Gynostemma extract is not quite popular as a health supplement component in previous decades. It later gained attention in the field of alternative medicine following discoveries that it can promote weight loss and enhance metabolism among both men and women. This health effect is said to be associated with its primary function as an adaptogen. Individuals who are also losing weight may take Gynostemma extract to promote weight gain, thereby balancing bodily process in metabolism. Adaptogen agents like Gynostemma extract are also useful in the prevention of modern health conditions like obesity, overweight status and Diabetes Mellitus. Although not yet fully proven, scientists also say that Gynostemma extract may be useful in controlling cancer cell growth and development in the early stages of the disease process.

Health benefits of using Gynostemma extract

There are many advantages of taking health supplements containing Gynostemma extract. Aside from preventing dangerous effects of stress, it may provide the following health benefits:

  • It may reduce fatigue and exhaustion

Loss of energy in body cells results to fatigue which can be very dangerous in certain circumstances. Studies show that Gynostemma extract supplementation is one of the most effective methods of curing fatigue and preventing exhaustion of body cells. Gynostemma extract help provide cells with sufficient amounts of energy for everyday activities.

  • It may prevent anxiety and depression

Many individuals who are taking Gynostemma extract supplements are also observed to have improved mood following long-term use of the extract. Experts say that the adaptogenic compounds in Gynostemma extract help improve production of hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain to which thus results to anxiety and depression control.

  • It may strengthen immune system

Immunity or immune system responses may also improve with Gynostemma extract supplementation. As a direct result, infections and other illnesses may be prevented before they manifested full-blown symptoms.


Gynostemma extract is an overall health supplement ingredient which affects majority of the organ systems of the human body. It is safe for use among adults.

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