Hawthorn berry extract: Key Health Supplement to Heart Failure Prevention

Hawthorn berry extract

Hawthorn berry extract: Key Health Supplement to Heart Failure Prevention

The early stages of heart failure, as presented in a medical study, must be treated with effective measures to prevent its progression into more dangerous cardiovascular disorders such as variant angina pectoris and myocardial infarction. Along with antihypertensive medications and drugs that control platelet plug formations, experts say that Hawthorn berry extract supplementation may help contribute to heart failure control and cardiovascular health promotion. In 2006, a study was conducted in Europe to determine the potential effects of Hawthorn berry extract on blood vessels, specifically, the arteries. In such study, it was found that certain compounds found in Hawthorn berry extract relaxes arteries and prevents them from hardening as a result of atherosclerosis.

What is Hawthorn berry extract?

The Hawthorn plant yields various amounts of phytonutrients depending on the part of the plant subjected to extraction. The richest sources of Hawthorn phytonutrients are the fruits or the berries and the leaves of the plant. Most health supplement formulations include Hawthorn berry extract as it has undergone more clinical researches than any other extract sources from Hawthorn plant. In terms of safety, there are also no contradictory results concerning the safe use of Hawthorn berry extract except in cases of individuals taking various prescription medications as it may cause drug interactions.

Health benefits of using Hawthorn berry extract

Long-term Hawthorn berry extract supplementation, aside from preventing heart failure and collapse, is shown to provide wide range of health benefits among individual users. To date, however, there are no complete evidentiary studies as to how Hawthorn berry extract exactly works. The benefits of using Hawthorn berry extract, as provided in several quantitative studies, include the following:

  • It dilates blood vessels

Blood vessel constriction can lead to several dangerous complications such as aneurysm development and potential rupture. It also increases blood pressure. Hawthorn berry extract effectively dilates blood vessels by relaxing the arteries and widening the passage of blood. Experts say that this effect may have been brought about by the proanthocyanidin content of Hawthorn berry extract. The dilatory effects of Hawthorn berry extract usually happen in the distal portions of to improve circulation towards the far ends of the body.

  • It lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoproteins

Effective fat component control through Hawthorn berry extract supplementation is believed to prevent a lot of conditions which include aortic diseases, liver metabolism problems and even Diabetes Mellitus Type II. Cholesterol, triglycedires and lipoproteins, when not effectively digested and eliminated in the body, can lead interfere with several bodily processes and reduce lifespan. By effectively eliminating these unhealthy toxins, Hawthorn berry extract promotes optimum health.

  • It may enhance nerve transmission

The transmission of nerve impulses from sites of stimulation to sites of interpretation usually happens in a split second among younger individuals but for those who are approaching the elderly stage, it takes a longer time. Hawthorn berry extract is shown to enhance nerve transmission among adults.


Since the effects of Hawthorn berry extract is widely on the cardiovascular system, it is usually indicated for adults. Younger individuals and those who are pregnant or suffering from certain conditions need to seek physician’s advice prior to use.

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