Healthy Brain and Body Cells with Magnolia Extract

Magnolia Extract

Healthy Brain and Body Cells with Magnolia Extract

Majority of beauty care product formulations usually include Magnolia extract for its proven effects in enhancing the skin’s resistance against infection and improving the overall appearance and wellness of the skin. In the field of health supplement manufacture, on the other hand, Magnolia extract is typically included in formulations not only for control of anxiety and depression but also in the enhancement of overall brain activity. The use of Magnolia extract has been intensive over the years but due to development of researches showing that it may cause certain side effects when taken within very high doses, Magnolia extract use was subjected to certain regulations. Latest researches have established certain doses of the extract which are proven safe for human consumption.

What is Magnolia extract?

The Magnolia plant is a component of several Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments which are currently classified as “potentially useful”. The leaves and the flower of the plant have long been made into teas to ease out stress and promote relaxation. Phytochemical researches show that the most active components of Magnolia extract which are known as Magnolol and Honokiol are potential cancer treatment aids which can reduce treatment side effects and enhance therapeutic management. Due to sensitivity, however, the compounds found in Magnolia extract are usually formulation with fat-soluble components to prevent their easy breakdown in the gastrointestinal tract.

What are the benefits of using Magnolia extract?

There are several reasons why using Magnolia extract health supplements is advisable not only among elderly individuals but also among middle-aged adults. The following are some of the potential health effects of using the extract as proven by advanced clinical researches:

  1. It has neuro-protective effects

Magnolia extract effectively reduces oxidative stress and inflammation which can cause damage to several parts in the brain. Studies show that the active components of the extract can enter the blood brain barrier, thus promoting neuron health directly. The neuro-protective effects of Magnolia extract is also believed to be associated with its effects in enhancing overall brain activity.

  1. It can promote weight loss

In several clinical studies over the decade, certain researches made notations that Magnolia extract may have potential weight loss effects as it significantly reduces hormone cortisol levels among mice subjects. It was only lately, however, when a group of experts made a complete study to determine the effects of Magnolia extract in promoting fat burn. In such study, the researches made a conclusion that the active components of the extract may be used individually for weight loss promotion.

  1. It produces natural corticosteroids

Corticosteroids naturally produced by the body are essential in the control and prevention of certain hypersensitivity reactions which can cause several dangerous symptoms such as alveolar constriction and skin irritation. Studies show that Magnolia extract helps stimulate production of natural corticosteroids to control inflammation.


The risks associated with the use of Magnolia extract have already been overruled. As long as the extract is formulated within the recommended doses, it is safe for human consumption.

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